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MedSailors Crew - Sailing Croatia 2014

Skipper Applications

MedSailors offers premier sailing holidays for 20-35 year olds in Croatia, Greece and Turkey. Through a passion for sailing and a commitment to providing unforgettable trips to all our guests, we aim to deliver the highest standard sailing holidays possible. To meet this goal we are recruiting professional staff with the same enthusiasm and drive.

We are currently recruiting Skippers for our 2015 season in Croatia, Greece and Turkey. For more information on this role, please see the Skipper Role Description.

Apply here, ensuring you attach your full CV and a recent photograph if not contained within your CV.

There are currently no vacancies for crew, hostess or Guest Managers.

Yacht Academy

Yacht Academy is a Train to Work Programme for qualified and unqualified future MedSailors Skippers. Through Yacht Academy there are several options available to you to train and start work with MedSailors, depending on your experience level.

Skipper Training - Sailing Holidays

Start your career in the yachting industry. This course provides you with your Yachtmaster Offshore and guaranteed employment to graduates. Read more…

Training Skippers With Yacht Academy- Sailing Holidays In Turkey

Start working as a professional, qualified Skipper with this tailored course, ideal for the experienced sailor who needs to get their Yachtmaster ticket. Read more…

Training School For Skipper - Sailing Holidays In Turkey

All new MedSailors Skippers will take part in the Pre-Season Training, equipping you with the knowledge and expertise you need for your season. Read more…

Apply to Yacht Academy here, ensuring you attach your full CV and a recent photograph if not contained within your CV.

For further details before you apply please email

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