Skippered sailing holidays in Croatia, Greece and Turkey



We could go on about how fantastic we think our trips are, but we think it’s better to hear it from our guests who’ve sailed with us.

  • Phoebe Greenacre
    Phoebe Greenacre
    "Awesome sailing trips!! I sailed with MedSailors to Turkey and also Greece on separate trips. Hands down so much fun, great crew, great food & all round amazing holiday. I will definitely do it again!"
  • Ellen Ankers
    Ellen Ankers
    "Booking my MedSailors trip to Croatia was the best decision I ever made! Perfect in every way. Loved getting involved in the sailing, loved each and every stop off, great company, professional skippers...the list goes on! It was such a great week that it inspired me to quit my job and start training to be a skipper myself! See you next year MedSailors!"
  • Richard Boyd
    Richard Boyd
    "Best adventure so far! The boats are great, location top, staff amazing, and got really lucky with some top people to boot."
  • Lottie Toogood
    Lottie Toogood
    "Had an amazing week with incredible people! As a solo traveller it was perfect and am looking forward to coming back again next year to do Turkey with some of the guys I met this year! MedSailors you nailed it!"
  • Davina Simpson
    Davina Simpson
    "Absolutely amazing recommend to all to do a MedSailors trip. Croatia has been stunning. Thanks to Davide and all the skippers"
  • Chris Joyce
    Chris Joyce
    "Great weather. Great sailing. Great people. Great week. Outstanding skipper #classicmax"
  • Tom Pearson
    Tom Pearson
    "Sailed all 3 countries and have loved every minute! The skippers are amazing. See the sights and the hidden gems with them and a wonderful crew of people. Love it!"
  • Fergus Knight
    Fergus Knight
    "Awesome week full of chill, sun, laughs and learning how to sail with touches of mangeres, massive mezzes, beers and other cool stuff"  
  • Niki Hugo
    Niki Hugo
    "Absolutely amazing! Had the perfect week sailing Greece. The MedSailors crew are all great and Tom (my skipper) had such good local knowledge."
  • Jeremy Pereira
    Jeremy Pereira
    "Had a grand time while on the yacht! A bucnh of drinks, a bunch of laughs, tons of seasickness, a tad of drama and tons of new friends...who can say no? Loved it!"
  • Chloe Moore
    Chloe Moore
    "I just came back from a week sailing Croatia (Dubrovnik to Split) and had the best holiday ever. I was a solo traveller and was grouped with like minded people and our skipper Hugo really ensured we had an amazing time. I'm now planning on booking Turkey in 2 weeks time to continue the fun in the sun. Thanks for everything MedSailors. Can't recommend you guys enough!"
  • Sam Anderson
    Sam Anderson
    "Best boat (Sophia IV), best crew, best skipper (Tom Pedley), best support crew (Cheese), best destination (Greece). I couldn't be more positive about Medsailors, they were incredibly professional, fun and had great knowledge of the islands we visited, the best things to do and the BEST food stops!! We went from a boat of strangers to planning our Medsailors trip next year. Thanks to the epic Kiwis that have created such an awesome experience ⛵️"
  • Siobhan Nic Lochlainn
    Siobhán Nic Lóchláinn
    "Just back from an amazing week in Croatia with MedSailors. We had a brilliant skipper Johnny who looked after us really well and most of all guided us to win the regatta at the end of the week. Would definitely recommend it to anyone and have already been looking into the Greece routes for our next trip. Thanks for a fab time MedSailors."
  • Niiki Dunthorne
    Nikki Dunthorne
    "An incredible week in Greece with MedSailors. Action man Rob was our amazing skipper. Could not have asked for a better trip."
  • Kiara Diestro
    Kiara Diestro
    "A big shout out to Rob Caine! You are the best skipper such an amazing guy! #rescuerob ⚓️ had such an amazing trip of a lifetime. Many memories I will cherish forever thank you MedSailors & Rob!"
  • Tammy Rose
    Tammy Rose
    "Great trip, amazing staff and really well organised!"
  • Ada Jay
    Ada Jay
    "Just had a wonderful week in Croatia with Captain Jack. Cannot fault the company. Thank you so very much for everything. Can only recommend. Xxxx"
  • Seth William McConchie
    Seth William McConchie
    "Good times with Skipper Rich and our wicked crew aboard #Santorini on the Greek Islands leg around Greece, cheers MedSailors"
  • Kirby Taylor
    Kirby Taylor
    "Had an amazing time doing the Split return trip in late July this year. One of the best weeks of my life :)"
  • Jeremy Benson
    Jeremy Benson
    "I had an amazing week with Medsailors travelling around the Greek Islands! Very well put together and would definitely recommend to anyone. One of the highlights for me was our amazing skipper Freddie, what a top bloke! Not only is he the friendliest person you'll meet, but he is one hell of a sailor and I'm sure you'll be on that lead yacht soon enough "Pop"! Keep up the good work everyone at MedSailors and I look forward to travelling again with you in the near future"
  • Rishi Minocha
    Rishi Minocha
    "Went sailing through the Greek Islands with MedSailors and had an incredible time! A massive thanks to our skipper, Freddie!"
  • Kristina Lindsay
    Kristina Lindsay
    "Couldn't have asked for a better week! All the skippers are top notch - Robbie and Elly you guys rock!"
  • Steph Elise
    Steph Elise
    "Great crew, great food, amazing sights and awesome people. Special thanks to Phoebe and Ian (Sea Bear) for going the extra mile to our experience unforgettable!!!"
  • Georgina Phillips
    Georgina Phillips
    "We had an absolutely AMAZING week! Thank you so much Medsailors and an even bigger thank you to our Skipper Ben!! #bestskipperever #teachmehowtoBenny"
  • Justin Kent
    Justin Kent
    "Had a great week with MedSailors on the Dubrovnik to Split trip. Lot's of fun. The crew was friendly and met a lot of cool people! I would definitely go on another trip with them."
  • Lindsey Kent
    Lindsey Kent
    "We just finished an amazing week with MedSailors, and our skipper Jack (Dubrovnik to Split)! Thank you for an unforgettable week out at sea! We had such a fun time swimming, sailing, paddle-boarding and relaxing under the sunshine on the boat. Thanks for everything, and we hope to see you again one day soon (maybe in Turkey!). :)"
  • Martha Ziolkowshi
    Martha Ziolkowski
    "Unforgettable week in Greece! I haven't laughed this much in a long time. We had a great boat with a wonderful skipper. Can't wait for Turkey next summer!!"
  • Jasemine Geary
    Jasmine Geary
    "Perfect week with awesome people and our fantastic skipper "aunty Rach". Couldn't ask for anything more, thank you for showing us beautiful Croatia in a unique way"
  • Amy Pharoah
    Amy Pharoah
    "Had the holiday of a lifetime and met some incredible people. Thank you MedSailors!"
  • Chloe Gunning
    Chloe Gunning
    "Such a fun week in Croatia! Sad it's over but made lots of great friends and enjoyed the Med Sailors experience :) Deffo recommend!"
  • Nic Cox
    Nic Cox
    "One of the most ridiculously awesome weeks sailing from Split to Dubrovnik. Thanks heaps to all the skippers, my favourite guest manager and captain Jack Sparrow!"
  • Doyle D'mello
    Doyle D’mello
    "What a week!! Great team of skippers (and guest manager) that ensure you have a week in the Med you will never forget."
  • Andrea Lopez
    Andrea Lopez
    "Muchas gracias Medsailors!! I will definitely recommend this trip to everyone, thanks!"
  • Becky Callan
    Becky Callan
    "Amazing holiday, would recommend to everyone! Our 'Irish pirate' Skipper Garret was fantastic, such a laugh and we had great nights out. Overall a perfect trip!"
  • Rohan Stephens
    Rohan Stephens
    "Cannot recommend this company high enough. Our skipper Andy was the greatest host for the entire trip and made a boat full of strangers feel incredibly at home and at ease immediately. The trip was completely hassle free, the islands beautiful and the itinerary the perfect mix of free time and organised dinners/ tours/ activities etc. It was one of, if not the best holidays I've ever had and I can't recommend this trip more to anyone contemplating it for next season. You won't regret it."
  • Lianne Chapman
    Lianne Chapman
    "Incredible time spent with MedSailors. A huge thankyou to the team and in particular our amazing skipper Rach who is (in a word) awesome!!!!"
  • Emily Shearman
    Emily Shearman
    "Thank you for an amazing week in Croatia! Rachael was the best skipper!"
  • Nathan Westgarth
    Nathan Westgarth
    "Amazing sailing trip in Croatia. Our Dubrovnik to Split trip was the perfect combination of relaxing in the sun, swimming in beautiful secluded bays off the boat, learning to sail and racing other boats, messing about with paddle boards and tow ropes, and partying a good few nights. Thanks MedSailors, would recommend you to anyone thinking of doing a sailing trip. We'll come again!"
  • 10407819_10152452394023937_8561996577213328314_n
    Karen Wolmarans
    "Just want to say a massive thank you to our skipper Evan and all the rest of the staff for making our holiday super epic. We had so much fun!! Loved every second of it and would do it again in a heart beat. Thanks again. Much love!"
  • 10394527_10154475315415581_4669521938480174039_n
    Luke Fraser
    "Great holiday, thanks MedSailors!"
  • 10672303_10152681974807534_5903122737727214837_n
    ‪Laura Harvey‬‬‪
    "Thank you to 0007, Captain Aaron and the medsailors team for a fantastic week!"
  • 10665179_10154578741230203_8861109807048449960_n
    ‪Lucy Heasman‬‬‪
    "Such an amazing week wish we could go back!!"
  • 10154104_10152282582110409_1480454292_n
    ‪Holly Andrewes‬‬‪
    "Incredible week wish we could do it all again!"
  • 15780_10154584176915076_3981865207065922868_n
    ‪Sarah-Jane Morgan‬‬‪
    "Awesome week - thanks MedSailors!!!"
  • 10645259_829264813791998_499474336907062687_n
    ‪Eden Foley‬‬‪
    "Such an amazing week... would highly recommend MedSailors to everyone... thanks for the experience, truly a trip of a lifetime...‬"‬‬
  • 10471149_10154630286200595_5220493983629394908_n
    ‪April Cernota‬‬‬
    "Boat Eva Maria and Skipper Ian were the best! Most amazing trip I have ever taken! Becki, thanks for bringing our experience back to life, so glad we were on the same boat!"
  • 10407044_699721586772929_1354611187751920624_n
    Fia Esera
    "Most amazing week of my life! Round 2 next year!!"
  • 1511922_10152931514632238_4508386340360712721_n
    Louise Sara
    "Amazing. Seb our skipper was a Frenchman. A lot of things lost in translation but made for good jokes. Best week!"
  • 10411035_844094648947641_962222905075702512_n
    Krystal Graham
    "Just finished up an awesome week through Croatia!! Met so many great people! Can't wait for Greece next year!!!"
  • 10686972_10152316828967026_4383319592223256494_n
    Maria Stroombergen
    "Had an amazing time doing Sail Greece with MedSailors in August. I was very impressed with the knowledge of all the skippers and the cute little places we stopped each night. The sail included breakfast and lunch on the boat and the food for these meals was great! (much better than I have had on similar sails with other companies). Everyone on my boat had a great time, especially enjoying a bit of competition when we got to race the other boats doing all of the sailing ourselves! I would definitely recommend MedSailors to anyone wanting to go any sailing trip! Thanks to all the MedSailors team for putting on such a great week!"
  • 10801541_10152909168557437_1682232281956871972_n
    Denise Giatras
    "Croatia Discovery was amazing. MedSailors was absolutely amazing, could not rate higher. Can't wait to do Greece with them next year."
  • 10391459_10204232670675676_4629419632022228630_n
    Hannah Marko
    "A trip that changed my life! :)"
  • 10420158_10152375463011152_6270392068584184415_n
    Anna-Katrine Skau Parker
    "Best trip ever!! Me and my friends had such a fun and relaxing week."
  • 1920112_10154805247435315_5947938339816203284_n
    Mark Brabazon
    "Travelled for 3 months around the world and this was probably the highlight of the trip. Amazing time with amazing people, can't wait to do it all again :)"
  • 1454733_10155052402320727_4609764370111612920_n
    Karen Edwards
    "Would recommend MedSailors to anyone! I had the most amazing week and met some brilliant people. Turkey is simply stunning and our skipper Aaron was bloody brilliant. Can't wait for next year!!"
  • 1461013_10152365836332549_5285350400916948357_n
    Ali Cochran
    "Special shout-out to Medsailors and Croatia August 30th 2014 for giving us an amazing experience on the Adriatic! Will continue to recommend as the trip was full of laughter, beautful sights and people! Thanks again!"
  • 10632889_10152811273586113_9008023771125391526_n
    Victoria Hicks
    "19 - 25 July, 2014. A massive thank you to MedSailors and our amazing skipper, Lawrence! So many fab memories in Croatia... Take us back!! X"
  • 10325634_10152392968053540_5569940325827199798_n
    Rob Grant
    "Can't thank you guys enough for a fantastic week! Had an absolute blast on the Dubrovnik to Split route. Morgan, our skipper, made a great week even better. Can't wait for Greece next year!"
  • 10556236_10154448270125057_5382737722730562653_n
    Anna-Sue Rave
    "I would like to say a massive thank you to MedSailors for a perfect week!! We sailed Croatia and it was truly one of the most incredible holidays! I was so impressed at how professional, friendly and experienced all the staff were and everything was organized so well. A massive thank you goes to Lane Adams who was our awesome skipper. He barely had any sleep the entire week ensuring we were well looked after particularly during some rough weather. Would definitely recommend traveling with Medsailors and would book again myself! :D"
  • 10301434_10152424818961039_8609328762554703104_n
    Samantha Hepburn
    "Whoop whoop!!! ‪#bestholidayever‬‬‬‬‬!!!!"
  • 10438582_2120303685889_2686568257121206264_n
    Barbara Massa
    "A life changing vacation that made life long friends!! Love you all! Thanks MedSailors!" "Best week of my life by far! Can't wait to do the Greece and Turkey trip as well!"
  • 10538663_10152244285636034_8688465088681578607_n
    Meredith Jones
    "The highlight of our 7 weeks travelling, thank you MedSailors!"
  • 1920568_10152693952433644_7772443922684842433_n
    Sara Bines
    "Had an amazing holiday with MedSailors in Croatia. Met lots of brilliant people and the staff were so friendly. Highlights for me were the snorkelling and wine tasting in Stari Grad. There's something for everyone on this trip. Looking at Turkey for next year already!"
  • 16085_10154574504830224_279890524897861604_n
    McKenna Hutt
    "Thank you MedSailors for such an awesome week!!!!!"
  • 10704091_10152385272727097_3835750629273014332_n
    Elle Marshall
    "Most amazing experience of my life so far!!! Thank you"
  • Faith-Smith
    Faith Smith
    "An amazing week!! Thank you so much to Tom for being the best skipper in the world. Ever. Xx"
  • Nicholas-Henry
    Nicolas Henry
    "Thanks again for the fun cruise, great crew and great service. Super croisière, ambiance sympa avec un bon skipper."
  • Steve-Passchier
    Steve Passchier
    "Best time ever!!!"
  • Jessica-Ward
    Jessica Ward
    "Incredible week with the most incredible skipper Balaze in Croatia - not only did he look after us so well but we will miss his amazing cooking the most!!"
  • Madelena-olivera-Santos
    Madalena Oliveira Santos
    "Amazing Holidays! The best sailing experience ever! Thank you so much Medsailors!"
  • Amy-Walker
    Amy Walker
    "Had an amazing trip! Even though weather wasn't great. Would defiantly recommend"
  • Javier-Hernandez
    Javier Hernández
    "Best holidays ever!! Thanks a lot to all the people from MedSailors! Specially to our skipper Charlie! See you next year in Greece! ☺"
  • Lindsay-Ebert
    Lindsey Ebert
    "Great trip with MedSailors! It was my first sailing experience and I would do it again! Andy was an awesome skipper and really was very patient with our crazy crew! Great swimming spots and awesome beaches with barely any tourists. Excellent food! Basically an amazing time!"
  • imogen-waters
    Imogen Waters
    "Such an unforgettable week! I recommend this to anyone who wants to ignite a passion for travel and discovery within themselves! Incredible places, incredible people and memories that will last a lifetime! You won't want to get off the boat! Shout out to Sika and skipper Dal! Well done MedSailors you rock! X"
  • Bandage-Chris
    Bandage Chris
    "An impromptu 40th birthday gift for myself. Definitely the 'boom swing' I needed to smack my life back on course. I will remind myself of this amazing week whenever I lose sight again. Thank you MedSailors, Greece, 28 June - 4 July 2014, on Rebecca."
  • Dan Teubert
    Dan Teubert
    "Week 5 - Luna 3 (aka Luna 2) - Croatia - I really can't write in words how good a week Amy & I had. FANTASTIC is the word I have chosen mainly because it would be the word our skipper Gio would have used! Gio really made the holiday/passage for me! Top man and hope to stay in touch! Med Sailors 'every aspect' had a super laid back attitude which really made me fall into that holiday mood, where you can completely relax and unwind! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!"
  • Daniel Short
    Daniel Short
    "Amazing week in the Greek Islands, and an amazing experience! a trip I will never forget!"
  • Yagneshwar
    Yagneshwar Nanduri
    "Amazing week with medsailors in Croatia! Fun times, great sailing and a fantastic experience overall ☺"
  • Emma-Ciavarella
    Emma Ciavarella
    "Had the best week and so sad it is over. Can't wait for next summer to do it all again in Turkey! Thanks to everyone for being amazing"
  • Rocky-Cornelius
    Rocky Cornelius
    "One of the best tours I've ever been on! Skipper Andy was phenomenal, and deserves a medal for being so 'light and refreshing!' I would have gladly stayed on the yacht the whole summer . . Hope I can do this again next year and every year to come . . truly a unique chance to see Greece!"
  • Walter-brown
    Walter Brown
    "It was brilliant!! I'd been to Croatia last year, Greece this and doubted I'd still want to go to Turkey next. But, Greece was amazing and I'll definitely be doing my 3rd trip to Turkey. Best times ever ☺"
  • Angela-Wedekind
    Angela Wedekind
    "Thanks for an amazing trip around the Greek Islands. Tom is the bomb!"
  • toni-rogers
    Toni Rogers
    "Incredible week in Croatia! Will definitely be back!"
  • mike
    Mike Terelak
    "Best week ever. Ivory rules as queen of all skippers."
  • oscar
    Oscar Bell
    "Med Sailors, had an amazing time in Croatia. Will definitely be spreading the good word. Although I am still a little cut Tessi Kiss didn't get a recognised class win. Hahaha robbed by Giovani."
  • beth
    Beth McGreachan
    "Had the most amazing week in Greece with MedSailors!! Currently suffering from the worst post-holiday depression yet.. Thanks to our skipper, Kim + Welshy & Hanna and all the other skippers, Luke, Alice, Tom & Ian for making it such a blast. Definetely recommend sailing with MedSailors and hope to get to Turkey next year with you guys"
  • gemma
    Gemma Thomas
    "Thanks to every one! Especially Kim, Hannah and Hugh. I bet this week isn't as good without us. Looking forward to planning my next Medsailors trip!"
  • rob
    Rob Palmer
    "This is for skipper Josh. Thanks for the amazing holiday last week."
  • 999474_10151900276982952_395313229_n
    Geoff Christopher
    "Epic week sailing with the team, highly recommend this amazing experience. Had a blast"
  • matthew j
    Matthew John Holmes
    "Perfect balance of party/relaxation. Experienced Skippers showcasing world class scenery and the hidden gems of Croatia. See you all in Turkey."
  • darryn
    Darryn Pinto
  • laura
    Laura Dekker
    "A massive thank you to the MedSailors Greece crew for a funtastic week! An experience of a lifetime :))"
  • 1234302_629532117081301_1246333312_n
    Dave Marshall
    "Amazing week!"
  • lara
    Lara Kazakos
    "#TeamGabriel Amazing week. We <3 Ivory ... F*** Yeah!"
  • theresa
    Theresa Ricacho
    "Love the crew - Hannah, Ewan and our skipper Kim. absolutely stunning islands to see and explore and met a great bunch of people!"
  • 29957_415202737160_149322_a
    Lucy Bugiel
    "Amazing experience again this year! Crew were great, locations were chosen with great restaurants and bars - can't fault it!"
  • 1240517_10151614569878479_1589085448_n
    Melissa Conrad
    "An amazing experience in special places meeting fantastic people!"
  • angela w
    Angela Wedekind
    "We had a wicked time last week. Thanks everyone for the best week ever!"
  • lance bradford
    Lance Bradford
    "A bloody great week meeting loads of great people. Can't wait to do another trip with Medsailors. The highlight of our 2 months in Europe so far. Big ups to our Skipper Tom."
  • sarah h
    Sarah Hill
    "Thanks for an amazing week MedSailors!"
  • caitlin
    Caitlin McLay
    "Bloody amazing week! Always knew Greece would be a highlight of the Europe trip. Medsailors really does deliver an amazing week. A well thought out itinerary that provides an awesome mix of everything you could want on a sailing trip! Special thanks to my skipper Luke, who gave us an amazing week and also to the other people on my boat, absolute champions! Croatia next week, yeah buddy!!"
  • sunita
    Sunita Giananey
    "A massive thank you to Medsailors and skipper Alice for the amazing week 31st August 2013 for Sail Greece! Thank you so much for making my Birthday a real celebration!!! I look forward to sailing with you again next year"
  • kanna
    Kanna Sheperd
    "Amazing trip. Hugo is the best skipper on the planet!!"
  • imogen
    Imogen Hogan
    "Best week ever!"
  • 537034_10153273724300113_804298150_a
    Deborah Sands "OMG this has been one of the the best holidays ever thank you Alice Rushworth Lund, Jane Rumble, Rebecca Curran and Huw without you all it would not have been so special (already planning Turkey)"
  • 1095000_533251160392_1844386303_n
    Alex Koeman   "Perfect locations, super staff and an amazing week! Will be doing Turkey next."
  • 45415_10153031477220224_1247402435_n
    Ross M Howard
    "Unforgettable week. I wouldn't do it again as it'd be like trying to recreate your best memory. What the hell am I saying? I'd do it again. I'd do it again in a New York minute. Special thanks to Ewan for being such an excellent skipper and all round person"
  • 1044676_592008964154503_1333749765_n
    Tom Clay
    "It was the greatest week ever I'd definitely do it again yewww Med sailors rulllllllllleeeee!!!"
  • 1045214_10151541257845848_360216372_n
    Louise Rodgers
    "Best trip ever!!! Loved it... Highly recommend this yacht trip to anyone considering island hopping in Croatia! Med Sailors all the way!!! Turkey next year for sure!"
  • 401628_10150814777671196_1094306743_n
    Danielle Ferndale
    "Gabriel crew with skipper Ivory 06 July - Croatia : Thanks for an awesome week Ivory!!"
  • 13239_10151503655596714_819377503_n
    Tom Sargent
    "Definitely the best way to spend a week. Cheers to all the Croatia MedSailors team."
  • 998182_10200639617247777_2043912361_n
    Cassie Reeves
    "Last day in Croatia after a week of sailing with MedSailors! Had the most incredible trip exploring the islands, learning to sail and making some pretty amazing memories"
  • 1011355_10151770573460396_1906177776_n
    Saphire Lorigan
    "... leaving that boat was torture I want to come back hahaha. Best week EVER."
  • 55_510394049651_1299_n
    Steph Porter
    "Dear MedSailors - just wanted to say, again, that we all had the BEST time on the Greece trip last week. Ian is the best Skipper that ever lived and everything was perfect - can't wait to do it again with Ayla Alcorn, Georgia Tanner, and Christy Elizabeth!!!!"
  • 72250_10151191906136587_1271776705_n
    Jonty Horrocks
    "Hell of a trip. Thanks to all the MedSailors crew esp our skip, Ian. Time for recovery. See you in Croatia."
  • 6457_10151453438127015_1927889583_n
    Karissa Janssen
    "We've just finished our Greek islands tour with you and I just wanted to leave a quick message about how excellent our experience was. All of the skippers were fantastic and really helpful! Massive thanks to our skipper Ian, he did such a great job showing us all the ropes and just putting up with us in general- definitely keep him around, he made our trip that much better! Thanks for an awesome week! Definitely going to be doing Croatia with you next time around!"
  • 7887_10151390786560378_375173530_n
    Alice Fu
    "Had the most amazing week Sailing in Greece with you guys. I definitely want to go again, think everyone else feels the same, missing you guys already - Kim, Hannah, Huge, Luke, Tom and Ian! X"
  • 1006116_10151675278476940_385647841_n
    Ilina Ying Chen
    "Just got back to London from my amazing week in Greece with MedSailors - thanks Kim, Hannah, Hugh and the rest of the crew! One of my best trips ever and wished I could stay there for another week... Hope you have a great season and see you soon :)"
  • 6473_10151557534211051_2033791986_n
    Rachel Giddy
    "Thanks again for the greatest holiday!! :)"
  • 419089_10151650060536131_202057520_n
    Aileen Fernandes
    "Awesome amazing week meeting fabulous people and seeing fantasic places while sailing the Croatian Islands. Plus we won our category in the boat race thanks to the most awesome skipper ever!!! Couldnt have done it without you Krispy Kreme - you're the best ;)"
  • 1011032_551987493288_1813264106_n
    Antoinette Martin
    "I just wanted to send a quick thank you to the team out in Greece who work incredibly hard to have made our holiday last week so amazing. I was so impressed with the company as a whole and the personalise service you provide."
  • Toby-Chishick
    Toby Chishick
    "Just got back from an amazing holiday in Croatia with MedSailors- would recommend them to anyone who wants to either chill out or party on a boat for a week in croatia! Our skipper Paddy is a legend!"
  • Nicola-Gledhill
    Nicola Gledhill
    "Thanks boys for an amazing trip, I had the time of my life! My fav place was Starigrad. All the best for the rest of the season!"
  • Adrien-Grady
    Adrien Grady
    "Boys, what an incredible voyage! Thankyou so much for lifting my spirits and opening my eyes to the wonders of the dalmation coast. I'll see you next year!"
  • Alexandra-Tuck
    Alexandra Tuck
    "Thanks boys for a fabulous holiday! It was the most fun in such a beautiful part of the world. Good luck with the rest of the season."
  • Nichola-Prescott
    Nichola Prescott
    "Thank you so much for the most amazing holiday. Loved every second of it and can't wait to do it all again next year!"
  • Nick-O'Dea
    Nick O’Dea
    "Epic week team! Thanks Paddy and Nicko - super hosts. That 5L pail of red wine was a real treat.... delicious! Getting towed behind the boat off the Halyard line had to have been one of the many highlights. Great people, great week. I'll be back for sure."
  • Correen-Donaldson
    Correen Donaldson
    "Thanks for the amazing holiday - Croatia is beautiful! "
  • Rachel-Sparks
    Rachel Sparks
    "Croatia on a sailing boat = AMAZING! Great trip, and our skipper Paddy was fantastic!"
  • Bronwen-Parry
    Bronwen Parry
    "Medsailors = EPIC ADVENTURE. That was the best week of my life hands down. The COOLEST skippers, beautiful food, GORGEOUS islands, wicked crew. Words just don't do it justice."
  • Nicci-Setchell
    Nicci Setchell
    "Thanks Medsailors! Had an amazing time and this was all thanks to Paddy and Nick, the crew, Croatia and maybe a little bit of beer! Definitely back next year x"
  • Amanda-Morrison
    Amanda Morrison
    "I am back next year for sure! What an AMAZING time. Best holiday of my life to date. You all rock! Paddy and nikolai thank you so much! Crew, we are the best! Recommend this to everyone! :)"
  • Jen-Herbert
    Jen Herbert
    "Thanks for a great week guys!! The place is beautiful and sailing's fun but the people definately make it!! Just put my photos up can't wait to see others!! Cheers Paddy&Nick, enjoy the rest of the season x"
  • Cameron-Begley
    Cameron Begley
    "What an awesome week! Big thanks to Paddy and Nick. It was so much fun sailing around. Not a cloud in the sky. All the places we stayed were beautiful. Highly recommend it to anyone!"
  • Summer-Brines
    Summer Brines
    "Suffering some serious PMD (Post medsailors depression)...."
  • Katie-Victoria
    Katie Victoria
    "Was one of the best weeks of my life. Keep up the good work MedSailors happy sailing in 2013!"
  • Joey-Van-Dorp
    Joey Van Dorp
    "Thank you for the most amazing week ever - it was insane, we love Croatia & we love Medsailors!!"
  • Natasha-Howell
    Natasha Howell
    "I believe its time to book another. MedSailors you ROCK!"
  • Nick-Erskine-Shaw
    Nick Erskine-Shaw
    "Medsailors, team one of the best weeks of my life, epic now want to become a sailing beast like the Jazz Man!!!"
  • Dane-Wearn
    Dane Wearn
    "EPIC!!! Well Played Medsailors!"
  • Dave-Smith
    Dave Smith
    "Such a killer killer week Medsailors. It could not of been better."
  • Sam-Danckert
    Sam Danckert
    "What an awesome week! We had the best group though."
  • Joel-Hérisson
    Joel Hérisson
    "Totes amazeballs!"
  • Kate-Antcliff
    Kate Antcliff
    "Great week!"
  • Mark-Richards
    Mark Richards
    "Cracking time! Life just seems so dull without it..."
  • Johnny-Birtalan
    Johnny Birtalan
    "Best seven day holiday ever!!!!"
  • Jess-Mandeville
    Jess Mandeville
    "If you're going to sail Croatia or Greece- go with these guys!"
  • Grace-Smith
    Grace Smith
    "Amazing week"
  • Carlynda-Robinson
    Carlynda Robinson
    "Had an amazing time!! Everyone get on it!!!"
  • Michael-Giles
    Michael Giles
    "1 year ago today i made the best decision of my overseas trip and booked MedSailors Croatia. AWESOMNESS!!!"
  • Sandra-Reitz
    Sandra Reitz
    "Thank you all guys for an amazing holiday!"
  • Kelly-Hateley
    Kelly Hateley
    "Such an amazing holiday guys thanks heaps for the memories, I'll definitely be talking up medsailors all over london!"
  • Kerensa-Shiel
    Kerensa Shiel
    "Med Sailors - Thank you Medsailors and all the crew in Greece for the best holiday ever! We will cherish the memories forever! From all of us on Atlas 1!"
  • Hannah-Richardson
    Hannah Richardson
    "Med Sailors - Thanks all the Croatia crew and Nicola the hostess with the mostest, and Dan for an absolutely amazing week. Sarah and I havent laughed continously for that long ever!!! Brilliant - you are all stars!! x x Ps Jasper you rocked (and were very patient!!)"
  • Pippa-Stowell
    Pippa Stowell
    "Med Sailors - Best holiday I have ever been on, serious holiday blues now, smile every time I think of it, a million thanks!"
  • Ella-Fielding
    Ella Fielding
    "Med Sailors - Most epic holiday I have had EVER. Thank you so so much for all the fond memories and new friends. X"
  • Joelle-Gready
    Joelle Gready
    "Med Sailors - Thank you so much for an incredible week in Croatia, was so sad to leave! What an amazing place and an awesome way of seeing it!"
  • Sarah-Wearmouth
    Sarah Wearmouth
    "Med Sailors -Thanks for an awesome week guys...can't wait to see the video!!"
  • Geoff-Christopher
    Geoff Christopher
    "Med Sailors - Blinder of a week around Croatia with the Medsailors team, it had everything from controversy on race day, to meeting a bunch of Topgun humans, the amazing fleet of yachts, to a great crew of Captains! The newly crowned Jazz-Man coming in número ono on the captain front, and a few parties smashed back. Highly recommend this experience!"
  • Amy-Van-Dyk
    Amy Van Dyk
    "Med Sailors - Thanks for an awesome week Medsailors! We all had such a great time. And thanks Jasper, you were great! I am already missing it!"
  • Jo-Bliss
    Jo Bliss
    "Med Sailors - Cheers Medsailors for the awesome week cruising through Croatia! Absolutely loved it and am guttered to have had to leave. I will definately be recommending you! Keep up the good work guys. Big ups to Jasper Randall our skip, you were awesome!"
  • Ben-Annabell
    Ben Annabell
    "Med Sailors - Cheers MedSailors! Amazing week on the boat!! Jasper your a champion bro!! Sorry to hear you have a boat full of Aussies this week!! Best of luck ;) keep in touch mate!!"
  • Ross-McGuire
    Ross McGuire
    "Med Sailors - Cheers to all the crew for their superb work this past week... dynamite time and cannot thank you enough. all the best to you all. take care"
  • Jade-Taylor
    Jade Taylor
    "Med Sailors - Amazing week !! Fighting out the storm by staying in havar for 2 nights......great move :)"
  • Melissa-Phillips
    Melissa Phillips
    "Med Sailors - Just had the sickest week with all you bloody amazing people. Can't wait to do it again hopefully soon!! Lovin it x"
  • Ebony-Priest
    Ebony Priest
    "Med Sailors - We had a fantastic week on the South Princess and I'm already missing the sea and the sun! Thanks to Iwan for being a top Skipper :)"
  • Alicia-Payne
    Alicia Payne
    "Med Sailors - Hey MedSailors! Have just gotten back to Split after an amazing week of sailing and sun and just wanna give a big shout out to Iwan for being an awesome skipper - you made our week fab , thanks!!!"
  • Chris-Clayton-Biggs
    Chris Clayton-Biggs
    "Med Sailors - Thanks for such an amazing week in Croatia. Will defo be booking up next year, requesting Ewan to be our skip - "beautiful, BEAUTIFUL!""
  • Kate-O'Callaghan
    Kate O’Callaghan
    "Med Sailors - Thank you to Captain Morgan for marrying me and boyfriend Tom Knight. It was a great day, fantastic week with the MedSailors and we had the best time ever XxXx"
  • Patrick-Townsley
    Patrick Townsley
    "Med Sailors - Beautiful islands, incredible people and unmissable sailing - the holy trinity of Medsailors!"
  • Romesh-Wijeyekoon
    Romesh Wijeyekoon
    "Med Sailors - I'm home after what was, without doubt, the best week of my life!! Beautiful scenery, towns and swimming! Not to mention the EPIC nights! :) Thank you MedSailors and all the amazing people I met, I love you all!"
  • Al-Bartel
    Al Bartel
    "Med Sailors -What an incredibly epic week with MedSailors! Amazing sights, amazing food, amazing weather, amazing captain and crew and of course wicked sailing and a beautiful boat! Anyone after a sailing holiday in Europe need look no further than these guys! Hands down the most epic sailing holiday ever... and of course partying!"
  • Anna-Collins
    Anna Collins
    "Med Sailors - Had an amazing time on our medsailors Croatia trip! Great crew, people and gorgeous locations!"
  • Haley-Seymour
    Haley Seymour
    "Med Sailors - Paddy and G we had such a mint week sailing Croatia!!! The best trip to date. Ever minute was epic. We have slept for 2 days straight, hahaha.... Yeeaaaa boi. Cheers from the kiwis"
  • Wayne-Smith
    Wayne Smith
    "Med Sailors - Back from a brilliant week in Croatia, Sun Sea and Sailing, good times. Has a few battle scars thou. thanks MedSailors for a great week :-)"
  • Eddie-Jones
    Eddie Jones
    "Med Sailors - Hey guys thanks for the trip had a blast. For those of you who head out get Paddy to hook you up with the sea pig, Croatian delicacy."
  • Brent-Schumacher
    Brent Schumacher
    "Med Sailors - Thanks for a great time. The best way to see Croatia. Stunning views, warm weather - it doesn't get better. When can I come back!"
  • Louise-Johnson
    Louise Johnson
    "Bloody brill time! See you in Greece x"
  • Jamie-Carpenter
    Jamie Carpenter
    "Cheers Med sailor for providing us with the most amazing week of sailing. Everything was Fantastic. Big thanks to Nick for looking after us. Cant wait for sail Greece."
  • Katherine-Wright
    Katherine Wright
    "Brilliant week, highly recommended!! Special thanks to Paddy - already missing your yummy tuna speciality dish! So many great memories - dolphin spotting was definitely up there!! Thanks again!"
  • Deborah-Sands
    Deborah Sands
    "Wickered holiday guys, cheers Nik for your awesome hospitality you made us feel extra special :)"
  • Amanda-Jane-Peach
    Amanda-Jane Peach
    "Just finished the best damn holiday we have ever had! Massive thanks to Gilligan (Cillian), Paddy whack, and of course our main man Dubrov-Nik!!! Great times, even better memories!! Wish it could last longer! Now to plan Greek islands for next year! Cheers!!"
  • Sam-Sherson
    Sam Sherson
    "If you're thinking about taking a trip with MedSailors, just do it. Great skippers, great food, amazing scenery. It's the way life should be."
  • Jordan-Zander
    Jordan Zander
    "Had an awesome time with MedSailors, here is some photo's of our Toga Party!"
  • Walter-Gilbert
    Walter Gilbert
    "Thanks MedSailors, was a great week, possibly one of the best of my life."
  • Gemma-Sargeant
    Gemma Sarjeant
    "Epic holiday, amazing crew, stunning scenery, fantastic party times and awesome skippers! MedSailors you rock! See you next year!!!"
  • Nicholas-Hakaraia
    Nicholas Hakaraia
    "I miss being on the boat. Seriously you made it such an epic week. Unforgettable. Might have to make plans for a med sailor reunion"
  • Misswebb777
    "No exaggeration - it was up there with one of my best holidays ever! They have a well thought out itinerary. The holiday is relaxed and well organized, skippers are well qualified - really fun & professional"
  • Jen-Herbert
    Jen Herbert
    "Thanks for a great week guys!! The place is beautiful and sailing's fun but the people definately make it!! Just put my photos up can't wait to see others!! Cheers Paddy&Nick, enjoy the rest of the season x"
  • Amanda-Morrison
    Amanda Morrison
    "I am back next year for sure! What an AMAZING time. Best holiday of my life to date. You all rock! Paddy and nikolai thank you so much! Crew, we are the best! Recommend this to everyone! :)"
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