Skippered sailing holidays for 20-35 year olds

Mljet Bicycle Hire


From €7

Hire a bike from town out to the National Park along the easy-to-follow bike trail which has stops along the way for must-see photo opportunities as well as places for a dip in the shallow end of the lakes. Boasting two translucent saltwater lakes, Mljet island is home to the Mediterranean’s largest coral reef, making it the best snorkelling in Croatia; so don't leave here without taking a dip. Park the bikes and grab the boat out to the middle of the larger lake to see the small island home to a 12th-century benedictine monastery. Or get off the beaten track on the less visited far ends of the park.

I had one of the best weeks of my life with MedSailors! I had the best crew mates, skipper, cheeky adventures, and food. We have already talked about our next Med Sailor crew reunion! Just do won't regret it!

Alyson Erickson

MedSailors was above and beyond my expectations. A great mix of relaxing by the sea, touring the islands then eating, drinking and partying the night away.

Matthew Handy

My time with MedSailors was amazing!!! The staff was incredible, and the food was sooo good! Way beyond my expectations. I look forward to another trip in my future.

Caitlin Berger