Skippered sailing holidays for 20-35 year olds

Epidavros Ancient Theatre


From €20

Considered to be the best preserved ancient Greek theatre in terms of its perfect acoustics and structural aesthetics. The theatre is surrounded by lush greenery, an integral part of the theatre itself providing some stunning views. The price includes transport to and from the theatre, the entry fee and a guide for your visit.

We had the best skipper James Ellwood and Colm Pender organising a smooth operation, absolutely greatest team. This made the year special and has got me wanting more!!! Can’t wait for our next sailing trip with MedSailors!!

Nathan Thomas

I had one of the best weeks of my life with MedSailors! I had the best crew mates, skipper, cheeky adventures, and food. We have already talked about our next Med Sailor crew reunion! Just do won't regret it!

Alyson Erickson

MedSailors was above and beyond my expectations. A great mix of relaxing by the sea, touring the islands then eating, drinking and partying the night away.

Matthew Handy