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4 Spectacular Snorkelling Spots In Sicily

By MedSailors Crew
on  December 02, 2017

Snorkeling in Sicily with Medsailors. Girl snorkeling in clear blue water. Photo taken by Fraser of

Sailing in Italy quickly reveals that life beneath the water’s surface is equally as spectacular as the sights and sounds ashore that you’ll get to appreciate during your MedSailors sailing holiday. You’re sure to enjoy loads of snorkelling opportunities throughout your trip, but here are just a few of Sicily’s finest.

La Riserva dello Zingaro

Located to the west of Palermo, beaches in this area are pebbly so make sure to bring some comfy shoes if you want to make it to the shoreline. Here you can explore underwater sea grottos and caves, which are home to a myriad of technicolour anemones, algae, fish, and sponges. If you swim out to slightly deeper waters, you’ll get to explore some spectacular red coral – so don’t forget to bring your underwater camera for some Insta-worthy snaps.

Scuba Diving in Sicily with Medsailors. Underwater photo of two scuba divers in Sicily Italy. Photo taken by Ryan Brown of

Tonnara di Scopello

Not far from La Riserva dello Zingaro is Tonnara di Scopello, an old tuna fishery. Here you can drop into the nearby dive centre and take part in a guided 18m dive where you’ll get to see a variety of ancient artefacts: but if diving’s not your thing, you won’t be disappointed with the shallower waters as they’re crystal clear and teeming with many different species of sea life.

Explore La Timpa on your MedSailors Sailing Holiday

La Timpa (which is close to Acireale), is easily accessed by car but there’s also a steep path that’ll take you directly down to the beach. A variety of different bird species occupy the verdant vegeation-filled cliffs around the beach, providing you with a great atmosphere and a super-chilled soundtrack for your time here.

See Isole dei Ciclopi’s Sea Stacks Sailing in Italy

Legend says that the sea stacks located around 400m off the coast of Acitrezza found their way there after Polyphemus (a man-eating cyclops, obvs) threw them directly at Odysseus, who was attempting to escape. You can either swim out or hire a kayak to explore them in detail – once again, you won’t be disappointed!

Sailing trips to Italy - Swim in the sea

Dive into the beautiful blue waters of Sicily with Medsailors Italy and discovery what Italy has to offer beneath the sea!

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