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5 Gorgeous Paddle Boarding Locations In The Caribbean

By MedSailors Crew
on  November 24, 2017

Amazing activities on a Caribbean sailing trip - Why paddle boarding is the bee's knees

Imagine yourself cutting through the glass-like turquoise water on a paddle board, the bright sun in a cloudless sky warming your skin, small fish dart beneath your feet, and shimmering diamond-like droplets of water fall with every stroke of the paddle — it doesn’t get much better than that.

If you’ve ever wanted to paddle board in paradise, your MedSailors Caribbean adventure is the perfect place to partake at every possible opportunity. The ideal activity for experienced and new paddle boarders alike, it’s time to leave that lounge chair and head out on to the ocean for some fun in the sun – Caribbean style!

1. Dabble in Dickenson Bay’s Serene Waters

In the calm waters of Dickenson Bay, you’ll become so at one with your board you’ll probably forget that you’re quite literally floating on water, because you’ll be so captivated by the spectacular views in every direction. Don’t forget to look beneath the waves as you’re certain to see an array of brightly coloured marine life swimming beneath your feet.

5 locations for paddle boarding in the Caribbean -- A female paddles on a SUP through turquoise waters in the Caribbean.

2. It’s All About Perspective in Deep Bay

Although perhaps best known for its excellent snorkelling opportunities, Deep Bay is also an ideal paddle boarding location. Soak in the views of the lush, verdant forest from a slightly different perspective and don’t forget to look out for Fort Barrington on the coastline, because we totally recommend taking a short hike to the top at some point during your sailing trip!

3. Soak in Every Viewpoint of Barbuda’s 17 Mile Beach

There’s something about standing out on the sparkling turquoise waters and looking across at the picture-perfect white sandy shoreline, the vivid green palm trees bursting with exotic birds, and the rich blue cloudless sky above. It’s pretty magical.

4. Explore Every Inch of Great Bird Island

Paddle board around stunning mangroves and rocky coastlines looking out for unique marine life and exotic birds. Great Bird Island is bursting with life and colour, and you’re definitely going to want to bring a camera to document your time here!

5. Enjoy Half Moon Bay on your MedSailors Getaway

Half Moon Bay’s spectacular coral reef keeps the waters calm and the atmosphere effortlessly tranquil. The perfect location for a peaceful afternoon on the water, Half Moon Bay is living proof that idyllic dreams of far-flung destinations really do come true sometimes. So, what are you waiting for?

Sailing trips to the Caribbean - Discover bays and coastal areas you might otherwise have missed

Dreaming of paddle boarding in paradise now? Book a sailing holiday in the Caribbean with MedSailors and make it a reality!

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