5 Reasons Why Dubrovnik Is A Total #TravelGoals Destination

In recent years Dubrovnik has found its way on to must-visit lists of everyone from sun seekers and culture lovers, to A-List celebs and avid Game of Thrones fans. We reckon our MedSailors Croatia sailing trips are something pretty special and so here are just a few reasons why we think you should come and join us in Dubrovnik ASAP!

It’s Very Instagrammable


Okay, so arguably not the most important thing, but if you want to ensure that your socials are sure to make your pals back home a bit jel of your adventures, uploading a few pictures of Dubrovnik’s ancient winding streets, stunning sea views, and outrageously beautiful architecture will get that job done in the time it takes to hit upload. No filter necessary.

Book Yourself on to a Game of Thrones Tour


And why wouldn’t you want to see locations from that King’s Landing scene? Or the Pile Gate? Okay, so you won’t get to see any real life dragons, but the whole experience is still SO cool!

Soak in the History on Croatian Adventure

Dubrovnik’s Old Town is a UNESCO world-heritage site, filled with ancient wonders that will probably take your breath away. Stop by the oldest working pharmacy in Europe, stroll along the ancient boutique and restaurant lined streets, and walk down to the port where you can tuck into dishes made with ultra-fresh and always delicious ingredients.

For Real, Though. Can We Talk About the Food for a Sec?


Fried squid, black risotto, barbecued fish drizzled with locally produced olive oil, fresh oysters, salads with mouth-watering lime and ginger dressings, perfectly formed cheese and spinach filo tarts. Can you say pure heaven?! And that’s before we’ve mentioned the variety of sweet treats you can expect to indulge in. Oh, and the wine is pretty unmissable too!

It’s Perfectly Situated for an Island-Hopping Sailing Trip


From kayaking in Mljet’s glorious national park to dancing the night away in bustling Vela Luka, we’ve totally got this bit covered. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Visit Dubrovnik in summer 2018 whilst sailing with us in Croatia.


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