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5 Thoughts You’ll Have When You Visit The Caribbean For The First Time

By Lucy Bradley
on  December 03, 2018

You’ve seen glimpses of the Caribbean in movies and documentaries, on TV, in other people’s travel snaps and all over social media — so you already know it’s going to be a pretty unforgettable experience. Nothing can really prepare you for the authentic Caribbean experience, but here are a few thoughts you’ll probably have on your sailing trip.

MedSailors-Caribbean-Sailing-Holiday-Boats (1)

Hello, sunshine!

Hitting you as soon as you step off the plane, the Caribbean will quite literally greet you with its warm and welcoming embrace. Don’t forget your sunnies and your sunscreen: you’re going to need them.

Shut up, as if the water is actually this clear?!

If you’ve ever thought that the colour of Caribbean waters has been enhanced using some kind of filter or digital trickery because it just can’t be that blue, well, you’d be wrong. If anything, it’s actually even clearer and more impressive IRL.

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This is legit the best food I’ve ever tasted

Food is an integral part of the Caribbean culture and they take flavour pretty seriously. Look out for seasoned rice, saltfish and lobster, amazing sweet treats like fudge and sugar cake, and Antiguan pineapples that are sweet and beyond juicy. You’ll be in for a real treat if mangos are in season too! Caribbean dishes celebrate fresh ingredients, stunning spices and herbs, so prepare to cradle your food babies with joy!

Let’s get this sailing trip party started!

You’re going to be spoilt for choice for things to do. When the water looks so inviting it’d be rude not to take a dip as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Take it easy after a long flight, sit back, and soak in those rays. Alternatively, if you’re ready to immerse yourself in Caribbean nightlife, make your way to a few beach-side bars with your new boat mates for some pre-sailing trip bonding.

Yeah, I don’t wanna go home.

Not gonna lie, you’re probably going to be hit with a pretty serious case of the post-holiday blues on your first day back home but hey, now you know how amazing the Caribbean is, what’s stopping you from returning?


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