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6 Must-Try Italian Sweet Treats

By Lucy Bradley
on  July 11, 2017

Gelato and tiramisu are already on your list of Italian treats to tuck into on your sailing trip, right? Okay, good! So we’re sure you already know there are SO many other sweet treats awaiting you on your MedSailors Italy adventure, but we’re here to tempt you with just a few of them.

Sail the Med and satisfy your hunger - Taste bud tingling treats to try out

Indulgent Bomboloni

When something is quite literally referred to as a calorie bomb, you know you’re in for a treat. These dreamily light doughnuts are fried until golden brown before being rolled in sugar and filled with cream. They’re like eating fluffy clouds and doesn’t that just sound joyous?!

Crowd Pleasing Torta Caprese

While the origins of this traditional Italian chocolate and almond/walnut cake are unknown, our favourite story suggests that a while making an almond cake for some tourists, a baker forgot to add flour resulting in “uno dei pasticci più fortunati della storia”, or one of history’s luckiest mistakes!

Seek Out the Perfect Panna Cotta on Your Sailing Trip

If, like us, you’re an avid Masterchef viewer, you may recognise this dessert fave – when done right, the creamy wobble of a panna cotta is unbeatable. Varieties are gloriously plentiful, with some of the very best featuring a drizzle of smooth caramel and a fresh berry coulis.

Creamy Cannoli

These tubes of perfectly crisp pastry, filled with a sweet cream cheese filling and available in a variety of different flavours from rich vanilla to refreshing lemon are the answer to every dessert desire you’ve ever had.


The pink and green icing adorning this Sicilian dessert classic is eye catching and definitely insta-worthy! This creamy layered sponge cake is flavoured with fresh fruit juice or liqueur, decorated with sweet marzipan and often topped with perfectly candied fruit. It’s almost too pretty to eat… Almost!

You Must Try Moreish Struffoli on Your MedSailors Italy Adventure

These marble sized honey dough balls are fried until crisp and golden, and are every bit as heavenly as they sound. Best served warm, these irresistible treats are often decorated with multi-coloured sprinkles for added cuteness!

Stunning views and excellent food - Italian sailing trips that you cannot forget

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