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7 Things You MUST Do In Dubrovnik

By Lucy Bradley
on  January 10, 2017

Located in southern Croatia and with the Adriatic Sea lapping at its shores, Dubrovnik has captured the imaginations of generations of writers, artists and travellers. Let’s just say it’s impressive AF and we’re pretty confident this list will ensure Dubrovnik shimmies its way to the top of your travel wish list before you can say dream destination.

1. Walk the Ancient City Walls

Those walls were made for walking, and that’s exactly what you should do! For sweeping views of the city, this is a must – just don’t forget to snap some pictures because you’ll want to remember that view forever!


2. Marvel at the treasures inside Rector’s Palace

This 15th century palace is an impressive example of Gothic-renaissance architecture and is home to numerous portraits and objects that tell some of the stories from Dubrovnik’s rich history.

3. Wander around the Old Town

It’s seriously like stepping into Diagon Alley. It’s charm, curious shops and delicious eateries will leave you smitten and if you stumble across the market, make sure you buy some dried figs and candied orange peel.


4. Visit an island that’s home to bunnies and peacocks

We’re serious! Lokrum is not only a truly stunning island surrounded by crystal clear waters; it’s a place where you’ll be greeted by tame peacocks and rabbits. And if that’s not something that makes a slice of paradise even better, we don’t know what is!

5. Take a cable car up to the top of Mount Srđ

It’s a long hike to the top, but the cable car gives you time to soak up some of the most Instagramable views in the city. If you want to snap a spectacular sunset for your social feeds, make the trip up just before dusk!


6. Step, quite literally, straight into Game of Thrones!

Bit of a GoT fan? Want to step into the world but would rather avoid the sticky situations George puts his characters right in the middle of? Us too! The GoT cast and crew have pitched up to film in Dubrovnik on more than one occasion, so you’ll definitely see some recognisable places if you’re a fan!

7. The fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down

If you think the city is bustling with life in the daytime, just wait until you see it at night. Go wine tasting in the Old Town, listen to jazz as you tuck into some traditional Croatian food, or watch the sun set from a panoramic perspective in one of the city’s spectacular bars high on the cliff-face. Pretty perfect, right?!



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