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8 Incredible Experiences You’ll Have in Montenegro

By Ryan Brown
on  November 14, 2019

Montenegro is MedSailors’ newest route, and after a phenomenal first season in 2019, we can’t wait to sail and explore more of this amazing country with you.

Montenegro is untapped Europe waiting to share its amazing history and natural beauty with you. Conde Nast Traveler stated you should “get to Montenegro now before everyone else does” and for good reason — The Mediterranean’s most breathtaking sights await without the crowds. Its rich culture, diverse and dramatic landscapes, and captivating history add to the magic of this up-and-coming travel hotspot.

To dazzle you a bit about this adventurous country, we’ve put together a list of amazing sights and activities you can discover on a MedSailors Montenegro sailing holiday.

1. Kotor Town

This fantastical fortified town appears as if it was born from the mountain, with the awe-inspiring 20 meter high fortifications built into the mountain range rising high above it. The town is a labyrinth of beautiful stone laneways snaking through the medieval old town giving you hours of “ooh ahh” moments while wandering the town. It’s a perfect place to spend a couple of days before or after your sailing holiday to base yourself for more exploring on land.

2. Sveti Ivan Fortress

Towering high above Kotor Old Town with a watchful eye looking out over the fjord-like Bay of Kotor stands Sveti Ivan Fortress. This imposing Roman-era fortress connects with four kilometers of walls zig-zagging up the mountain for a challenging but rewarding walk. Hit the stone steps early (1,400 of them!) and wind your way up the ancient walls for one of the most incredible sunrise viewpoints in Europe.

Montenegro Sveti Ivan Fortress view

3. Hiking St. John’s Mountain

Just outside of Kotor Old Town there is a goat track (still in use by said mountain goats and shepherds) turned hiking trail that takes you straight into the high mountains surrounding Kotor. Hit the trail early to beat the heat for an exhilarating (though difficult) trek for panoramic views of the whole valley to really appreciate the region’s natural beauty.

Tip: To find the hidden trail. Search for “Top of The Old Kotor Fort Trail” on your maps app.

4. Our Lady of the Rocks

Local fishermen and captains over centuries are said to have thrown a rock in this spot after every safe voyage. Over time, the island grew from the sea because of this, and an elaborate and beautiful Roman Catholic Church was built on top. In a patch of perpetually calm water around Our Lady of The Rocks island and church, it often possesses a mirrored optical illusion as if the island is floating on the sky. The locals still to this day pay homage each year in a festival throwing rocks into the sea.

Lady of the Rocks Montenegro

5. Herceg Novi and Fortresses

At the foot of Mount Orjen sits the colourful and captivating town of Herceg Novi descending directly into the sea. With the backdrop of the Dinaric Alps behind, the shimmering sea before it, and three ancient fortresses around the town, it is straight-up fairytale vibes all around. Follow the cobbled footpaths through solid rock tunnels revealing the Old Town Gate and arch

bridge to the Sea Fort. Continue your way up further into the hills to reach Hispanola Fort, a massive mountaintop fortification built by the Spanish and one of the best sunset spots on the route.

6. Mountain Canyoning

What better way to appreciate the endless natural beauty of Montenegro than to climb around in it? If you fancy a bit of physical activity and adventure, mountain canyoning in Montenegro will go down as one of the most exhilarating activities you’ve ever done on holiday. Donning thick padded wet suits, guides take you climbing in canyons, wading through rivers, and abseiling down waterfalls through the lush and gorgeous mountain landscapes.

MedSailors guests mountain canyoning in Montenegro

7. Diving Into Delicious Seafood

Montenegro has some of the freshest and tastiest seafood you’ll ever eat, and it’s an experience in itself trying the local dishes and their traditional recipes. Grilled tuna sizzling on the fire is a definite must, and if you leave Montenegro without having stuffed squid or octopus peka you’ll be missing out on a life-changing feast. The small seaside villages like Perast are perfect for trying local recipes, and Budva has the best food scene with seaside restaurants serving up the daily catch straight from the hands of local fishermen.

8. Budva Old Town and Beaches

One of the most charming places in all of Montenegro, Budva has something for everyone to love. Its ancient walled Old Town is set majestically atop a rocky peninsula that opens directly onto a sandy beach, with magnificent narrow medieval alleyways filled with vibrant shops, quirky restaurants, and cool bars stage beneath 500-year-old olive trees. Enjoy a drink on the beach, explore the citadel and ramparts, get lost and find your way to secret gardens and hidden art galleries, and dive into Montenegro’s most exciting and diverse food scene.

Budva beaches with MedSailors

Stoked to explore these amazing aspects of Montenegro for yourself? Book your MedSailors Montenegro sailing holiday today!

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