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A Day in Sesula Bay while Sailing Croatia

By MedSailors Crew
on  September 11, 2013

Sesula - Sailing Croatia

Nestled in the waters between Split and Brac, Solta may not be Croatia’s most famous island but it has enough on its shores to make it a worthwhile stop for anyone sailing Croatia. The small islet is dotted with picturesque villages and the postcard-perfect scenery definitive of the Croatian islands. Most outstanding of all its spots of natural beauty has to be Sesula Bay.

Located on Solta’s western coast, Sesula Bay is found between the Marinca bay and Maslinica port, a protected bay that is perfectly positioned for sailing and (free) mooring. It is little surprise, therefore, that the bay (although quiet and secluded) is one of Solta’s most visited.

The bay is ideal for an array of pursuits, from water based activities to on shore recreation. Relax on board your boat or, if feeling adventurous, take to the sea to swim, snorkel and explore Sesula Bay’s marine setting. The bay boasts its own diving centre, where it is possible to hire equipment and take advice from seasoned professionals to make the most of any underwater escapades.

Those with a hankering for dry land after time spent sailing Croatia’s seas will not be disappointed by the offerings on shore. With two renowned restaurants directly overlooking the bay, you are assured not just a good meal (the barbecue is not to be missed!) but also views that are second to none.
Ever popular with the sailing set, Sesula Bay is also the spot to meet and mingle with other crews and groups; with a cocktail in hand and new friends on board, what better spot to watch the sun set at the end of the day?

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