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A fabulous adventure around Croatia sailing

By MedSailors Crew
on  October 20, 2014

Your holiday is the time to unwind, to take yourself outside the norm of everyday life and discover new shores. It is the perfect time to try out new activities, enjoy different food and let yourself completely relax. When you take a sailing holiday, you are giving yourself the best opportunity to really get away from it all. Floating gently along on calm blue waters, stopping at various destinations along the way, with a skipper doing all the hard work for you – what could be better?


Croatia is proving to be an extremely popular destination for this type of holiday. When you visit Croatia sailing allows you to see all the hidden gems of this beautiful country. It boasts spectacular beaches, eight National Parks, lively cities and smaller, traditional villages. It is a country that deserves to be seen in its entirety, a culture that needs to be explored thoroughly, and an adventure just waiting to happen. Depending on your idea of holiday heaven, you can spend lazy days on board before hopping off and enjoying a crazy night eating, drinking and dancing. Or you could spend time sightseeing and sunbathing. Or you can mix it up and do a bit of everything. Its your holiday… and your adventure.

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