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A Great Sailing Vacation

By MedSailors Crew
on  February 08, 2012

sailing vacation is a wonderful event of the life time when you can pack your days with several other activities besides moving across the water in a vessel of your choice. The real treat lies in the fact that you can select the number of people you would like to travel with, the area you would like to traverse and the pursuits you would like to engage in. All vacations that include sailing are simply great, but with a few tips, you can turn them into memorable ones.

Choosing the boat is one important item to consider. Crewed boat, bareboat charters, all-inclusive sailing vacation packages are a few of the options available. Depending upon your budget, interest, aim, length of the planned getaway, people accompanying you, and the area you plan to span, booking is of primary importance when selecting the type of vessel for your cruise. Pay for the trip well in-advance but be prepared to make other small payments at the time of boarding. Next is the question of what to pack. Understand that a sailing vacation is based on traveling light and not on being trendy. A few swimsuits, shorts, T-shirts, shoes, camera and your chargers can be packed in a duffel bag. If kids or old people will be accompanying you, carry everything they are likely to require. A sailing vacation requires that you carry a few provisions as most of the islands or ports of call are likely to be expensive. Eating on board will definitely be cheaper.

Drinking water is going to be strictly provisioned. Carry along a personalized thermos flask to save the precious commodity. Draw up a detailed itinerary well in advance to get you well prepared and derive the maximum enjoyment from the sailing vacation. An assortment of clothespins, inner tube, water toys, your favorite spices and any other items that you cannot do without must be carried along, since they will not be available on board. The basic medicines can be had during the sailing vacation, but it is wise to take along the specialized drugs that you are used to. Though most of the creature comforts are at hand on the yacht, enquire about them and request for them in advance. Instead of the last minute frantic planning, use the time wisely in preparing for the fun-filled time ahead. Nobody can control the unforeseen, but try to mitigate them and have a rollicking time of your lives!

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