A Greece sailing holiday… the perfect getaway
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A Greece sailing holiday… the perfect getaway

MedSailors Crew
By MedSailors Crew
on  May 09, 2014

Fancy a glass of retsina, accompanied by some delicious pitta bread and tzatziki? A few slices of halloumi with some delicious olives? All served up in the beautiful Mediterranean sunshine…

If so, why not make Greece your holiday destination this year? Famed for its sunny climate, delicious local food, friendly laid-back atmosphere and welcoming locals, it really does have something to offer everyone. And when you throw in its array of islands, beautiful beaches, glittering seas and ancient landmarks, you know you’ll be getting a holiday to remember.


But you don’t just have to go down the usual hotel/apartment route. A Greece sailing holiday is the perfect way to explore everything that Greece has to offer. You can discover its myriad of islands and enjoy a whole range of experiences.

Some islands are tiny, with a scattering of tavernas, while others are teeming with bars and restaurants. You’ll find ancient architecture in some places, and modern contemporary culture in others.


As your holiday unfolds you’ll soon discover that the combination of gentle Mediterranean waters, the Greek way of life and glorious sunshine is somewhat addictive – in fact, here’s betting you’ll soon be planning your next trip.

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