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A new perspective when you go sailing Croatia

By MedSailors Crew
on  September 26, 2014

Whether you’’ve been on a boat a million times or you’’re just thinking about it for the first time, a sailing holiday is brilliant in that it brings something new each time. Unlike returning to the same resort or hotel, you can visit your favourite destination time after time and still discover new places to visit and things to do. For many people who enjoy sailing Croatia is one of the places they like to return to. This beautiful country has become increasingly popular with holidaymakers and tourists, thanks to its wonderful mix of amazing architecture, beautiful beaches, scenery and thriving nightlife.


By making your visit to Croatia a sailing holiday you can avoid the crowds and see some more of the country away from the tourist traps. Visit one – or all – of its eight National Parks, all boasting stunning scenery and views. Discover small, hidden beaches with golden sands, perfect for sunbathing. And when you do feel like being part of the social scene, take a trip to Dubrovnik or Split, the country’s two largest cities, where you will find a great selection of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Returning to your favourite place isn’t a crime – but when there’s so much to see sailing has so much more to offer.

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