A Quest to the Blue Cave while Sailing Croatia Coastline
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A Quest to the Blue Cave while Sailing Croatia Coastline

MedSailors Crew
By MedSailors Crew
on  July 31, 2013

The Blue Cave, or Modra Spilja in Croatia, is perhaps one of the most enchanting caves to be found in the world, famous for its glowing blue light that gives the cave its name.

Located on the small islet of Bisevo, just five kilometres southwest of the island of Vis, the Blue Cave is a worthwhile stop for anyone sailing Croatia coastline destinations and one only accessible by boat. Although the water-filled sea cave has been known in the local area for hundreds of years, it was not until 1884 that an accessible entrance was blasted into the rock, just large enough to admit small dinghies and rafts.

Despite this, the Blue Cave has remained to this day something of a hidden gem and this lends the secretive spot an ever greater sense of mystique and wonder.

Blue Caves in Croatia

The small cave measures 24 metres long, 12 metres deep and up to 15 metres in height. At certain hours of the day, in particular between eleven o’clock and twelve o’clock, the cave begins to glow with an iridescent blue light, turning objects in the shimmering waters a bright silver. This spectacular effect is caused by the sunlight filtering through an underwater opening, which reflects off the limestone floor of the cave and through its crystal clear waters.

Entering the dark cave to discover the blue light contained within is nothing short of mesmerising and to swim in the turquoise waters is a truly unforgettable experience. Although science may explain it, nothing can detract from the magic of the Blue Cave of Bisevo.

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