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A Sailing Turkey Trip Can Make Dreams Come True

By MedSailors Crew
on  December 28, 2015

A Sailing Turkey Trip Can Make Dreams Come True

For many people, seeing dolphins in their natural habitat is a life aim, and a trip sailing Turkey’s seas could see that dream become a reality. But just why are dolphins so popular?

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Chief amongst the reasons why dolphins are such popular creatures is their reputation as helpful and thoughtful members of the aquatic world. Indeed, experts have cited examples of dolphins helping not just their own kind but other species too. It seems that everything from distressed dolphins to worried whales have benefited from their help, and they are even keen to help humans too. No wonder they are held in such high esteem.

When it comes to their relationship with humans, there are examples of dolphins being more than just helpful in their attitudes – some scientists have observed them being generous as well. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that (much like some domesticated pets) dolphins are keen to please humans by bringing them gifts. Now you might not be that grateful for some of the gifts – squid and dead eels being some of the more popular – but isn’t it the thought that counts?

Lastly, it is the sheer love of life that dolphins seem to exude which appeals to humans. Alongside evidence that they actually invent games to play with each other, the clear enjoyment in swimming, diving and simply being alive that dolphins exhibit is something that all humans aspire to.

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