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A Trip To Split Is a Must on Any Croatia Sailing Holiday

By MedSailors Crew
on  April 12, 2016

Typical of Croatian warmth and hospitality, Split is a near perfect example of all that is best about holidaying in the Mediterranean. There is much to see and do here, so whether you want to be out and about exploring or taking things slightly easier, Split is certain not to disappoint.

Sailing in Croatia - Where to visit with friends

Harking back to the Croatia of the past, Split’s Old Town provides a fascinating insight into what the area used to be like. Today the Old Town remains beautifully preserved and its cobbled pathways and narrow streets provide some quite breath-taking views of the sea beyond.


More excellent views of the sea can be enjoyed by taking a walk along the promenade which sits in the heart of the town. Recently renovated, this area is now a real hotspot filled with vibrant cafes, exotic eateries and must-see shops. Taking a break from your Croatia sailing trip here will really allow you to soak up the atmosphere and culture that the country is famed for.


Split has a growing reputation for fine dining, and it’s not difficult to see why – there really is something for all, from traditional Dalmatian dishes to haute cuisine to fast and fresh street food. Hours can be spent simply sampling the food and drink and taking in the wonderful surroundings.

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