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A Turkey Sailing Stop at Patara Beach

By MedSailors Crew
on  June 30, 2013

Turkey Sailing Holiday

A Turkey sailing holiday is always an adventure, with ancient culture, modern cities and stunning scenery to be had. However, a large part of the country’s coastal charm is down to its beaches and few can beat the wonder of Patara Beach.

Located on the stunning Turkish Riviera on the southwest stretch of Aegean coast, the 18 kilometre beach is not only the longest and widest in the region but also one of the most appealing. Soft sands, hidden coves and clean, calm waters make for an idyllic setting and the Turkish government’s preservation order has ensured that the area is a refuge of peace and tranquillity. It feels a world away from the bustling resorts, building developments and water sports that characterise many other nearby spots.

Patara Beach is located near the ancient Lycian city with which it shares its name, with the old ruins extending all the way to the seashore. Whether history buff or simply curious, visitors can wander the remains, which range from castles to to rows of sarcophagi and which certainly make for an interesting discovery for anyone on a Turkey sailing tour.

The beach is a part of the Patara National Park and a key area for biodiversity and conservation in the region. In particular, Patara Beach is renowned as the breeding ground of the endangered Loggerhead Turtle, where, every May to October, the sands become the nesting ground for the beautiful sea creature. It is one of the only beaches in the world where this breeding takes place.

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