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A Visit to Vis While Sailing Croatia

By MedSailors Crew
on  October 10, 2013

Vis Island Sailing Holiday

The Adriatic waters of southern Croatia, dotted with dozens of picturesque islands, beaches and coves, are home to some of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe. At their furthest reaches sits the small island of Vis – a top destination for anyone sailing Croatia on a boating holiday.

The island capital, also called Vis, is generally the first port of call for those arriving on the island. The town is located within a large sheltered bay (the Bay of Saint George), making it ideal for anyone wishing to moor up and spend some time on land. Plus, with the most moderate climate to be found anywhere in Croatia, it is a year round winner.

Vis Town itself is compact and ideal for exploration on foot. Divided into four connecting areas (Luka, Centre, Kut and Lucica), walking the entire length of the town takes a mere 20 minutes or so while affording fantastic views over the bay. The town’s beachfront is not just a pleasant walk but also offers a number of fantastic beaches, stone quays and palm-lined coves which are perfect for a spot of sunbathing or swimming; many diving expeditions are also on offer.

Those after a bit of culture will not be disappointed. Despite its size, Vis has a surprising amount of activities and attractions. Cinemas, art galleries and museums abound, brimming with everything from local art pieces to ancient archaeological artefacts taken from the impressive ruins that dot Vis Island. Even within the town it is possible to wander the ancient wall remnants and Roman amphitheatre which add an extra dimension to an already intriguing historic town.

Of course, Vis also offers visitors a wide selection of restaurants and bars and, as an island famous for its fishing, agriculture and local wine, the offerings certainly do not disappoint! From cheap takeaways to seafood restaurants overlooking the bay, the experience is a culinary adventure and one to be thoroughly enjoyed.

Filled with Mediterranean charm and tradition, whatever it is you decide to do in Vis, you will find yourself welcomed with open arms!

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