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Beautiful sights… beautiful seas… you must be sailing Croatia

By MedSailors Crew
on  March 17, 2014


Beach holidays, hotels, camping, wintersports… however you’ve holidayed in the past, it’s time to take your vacation off dry land and head for the open seas. There’s an adventure waiting on every sailing holiday, and the best news is, you don’t need any experience to enjoy it.

That’s right… sailing isn’t purely the domain of the very rich (who have their own yacht), the retired (who have the time) or the keen sailors (who have the knowhow). All you need to have to enjoy sailing is a sense of fun, a few friends to join you and the desire to explore the unknown.


There are some wonderful places to see. For example, when you’re sailing Croatia you can discover some of the magnificent little islands surrounding the country, as well as head to some of the bigger towns and cities that Croatia has to offer. There are lots of opportunities to mix sightseeing and discovery with relaxing and nightlife, so however you like to spend time on holiday, a sailing adventure will be just perfect for you.


Charter a yacht with a skipper who will do all the hard work for you, from navigating the route to negotiating the waters. Their expertise means you can relax in their hands, and their local knowledge means you’ll see extraordinary sights and visit places far off the beaten track.

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