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Best Ways to Relax on a Turkey Sailing Break

By MedSailors Crew
on  August 09, 2013

Turkey Sailing Trips

The main role of a holiday is to allow you to relax and unwind so that you can return home properly refreshed and rejuvenated – but a holiday is also about discovering the unique. When it comes to taking a sailing break in Turkey, there are a number of ways to relax that are exclusive to the Mediterranean nation. Here are three of the best.

Turkish Baths
At home, a spa day represents the ultimate relaxation routine, filled with steam baths, massages and a truly tranquil atmosphere. Turkish baths, also known as hamam, are the Turkish equivalent and are just as revitalising. The Turkish bath is a type of steam bath or sauna but the bathing process itself is a lengthy and perfectly balanced process designed to work those kinks out of the tightest of muscles. From warm room to hot room to the final massage and cooling room, few things could be as calming and rejuvenating after long hours in the sun on a Turkey sailing trip.

Swim with Turtles
Long sandy stretches of beach gently lapped by the lazy waves of the Mediterranean make Turkey’s shores a paradise. However, the Turkish coastline goes one step further by offering a unique array of marine wildlife that turns a water adventure in its seas from nice to extraordinary. Most exciting of these has to be the opportunity to swim with the rare loggerhead turtles of Patara Beach. Bobbing beneath the waves surrounded by these magnificent creatures is both awe-inspiring and one of the most liberating experiences to be had on a Turkey sailing holiday.

Enjoy a Mezze Spread
It is said that a full stomach equals happiness and if this is truly the case, Turkish cuisine guarantees contentment. In Turkey, food is a way of life. The cuisine is filled with a huge variety of flavours and dishes and the best way to sample them is with a mezze, a buffet-style spread that allows diners to sample all of Turkey’s culinary treats, from dolma to kofte. What better way to enjoy a leisurely afternoon than with a long lunch with friends, overlooking the beautiful beaches of the Turkish Riviera?

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