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Capturing Your Sailing Holiday in Words

By MedSailors Crew
on  April 10, 2016

A sailing holiday is a truly exciting prospect, and for many simply capturing the experience on camera is not enough. But if you are keen to share your travel experiences in something like an online blog to share with family, friends and anyone else who is interested, what can you do to make sure you keep your readers interested?

Enjoying your sailing trip - Sharing experiences with friends back home

When you are really making the most of your time away from home, you don’t have time to write a near full-length novel each and every night. And similarly, nor will most of your nearest and dearest have the time to read such a tome. So whatever you write, keep it short and to the point. Make sure everything you include has a purpose and that everything you write will be entertaining or interesting in some way. People will be much more appreciative of short, sharp insights into what you are getting up to than a minute-by-minute account of your every move.


Furthermore, whatever you do choose to include, make sure it makes sense. No, grammar does not have to be absolutely 100% perfect (it’s your holiday blog after all), but you do need to make sure that your thoughts are coherent. Going back to the question of grammar and punctuation, bear in mind that your friends and family want to read about you because they know you, so don’t hold back from writing something conversational in tone – something that offers a true reflection of the great time you are bound to have on a sailing holiday.

Setting off on a yacht trip - What to expect and where to go

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