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Capturing Your Sailing Turkey Experience on Camera

By MedSailors Crew
on  July 24, 2015

Even though the days of taking your holiday films to get developed manually are pretty much dead and gone, capturing a vacation on camera is still a big part of your time away. With the smartphone revolution making the taking and sharing of images easier than ever, here are some tips to get the best snaps when sailing Turkey’s blue seas.
Turkish sailing holiday - capturing the moment with a smartphone camera
There is something extra-special about seeing the sun rise and set when abroad. And these are two of the best times of day to take pictures. When the sun is emerging or fading, it casts its most interesting light. From the deck of a sailing boat, this can really lead to some memorable images.

On this note, it is best to avoid taking pictures when the sun is at its midday height. The light can be quite unforgiving, so sticking to the more atmospheric times of the day should lead to better images.

In terms of the composition of photos, you should look to have a combination of full-length or wide snaps with some that capture the intricate details of your surroundings. This can result in truly unique photographs that fully represent your experience of all Turkey has to offer.

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