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Crank up the adrenaline when sailing Turkey’s seas

By MedSailors Crew
on  August 11, 2015

There is something truly adventurous about a sailing holiday. But for those who want to really crank up the adrenaline when sailing Turkey’s seas, why not try paragliding?

Touring Turkey - Paragliding

In Turkey, the perfect place to indulge in this activity is Oludeniz Beach. It’s no surprise that pictures of this area are consistently and commonly used to promote Turkey as a holiday destination. Featuring an actual Blue Lagoon, the beach is made up of perfectly soft sand lined with plenty of places to eat and drink when you need a break from soaking up the sun.

Framed by a dramatic backdrop of stunning tree-lined mountains, the beach has become the premier place for paragliding. The jagged mountain tops stand at nearly 2000 metres, and so they are ideal for launching such flights and providing an unrivalled view of the lagoon and beach below. If you are inexperienced, don’t discount paragliding as a holiday option. There is the opportunity to take part in a tandem flight where you are guided by a professional experienced glider.

And if you want to try something new, but paragliding is one (very high) step too far, there are plenty of other water-sports options at this most beautiful and popular of Turkey’s beaches.

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