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Its Time To Take That Croatia Holiday

By MedSailors Crew
on  February 08, 2012

The opportunity to enjoy a Croatia holiday is bestowed on the fortunate few, for, the country is ravishingly beautiful, hospitable, centrally located and well connected with the rest of the world. The land has astutely developed its amenities to cater to the millions of foreigners who come here annually. People coming here are richly rewarded with spectacular sites, natural flora and fauna, highly developed urban centers, remnants of the prehistoric era, and a high income market economy. Croatia has maintained its position as a haven for tourists mainly because of the agreeable climate that it enjoys. The Mediterranean climate along the coast and Continental climate in the interiors have given the land an attractive combination of warm summers and cool winters. The Croatia holiday season is open all year round, but most people prefer to pay the country a visit during the summer months.

Water sports and sailing hold a dominant position as the country’s contributors to the economy. Foreigners view sailing as synonymous with a Croatia holiday. Businesses have sprung up around this industry that has multiplied since the Croatian War of Independence. The distinctive Karst topography is another attraction that draws a lot of visitors. The deep caves, the colorful lakes, waterfalls and the lively night-life add to the enthusiasm of visiting Croatia. The thermal spas, glamorous shopping arcades as well as, the tiny shops selling trinkets add spice to a Croatia holiday. The long hikes through the thick forests, the mountain streams, the winding paths over the mountainous terrain are more than beguiling.

The Croatians are highly attached to their traditions and culture. On every festival, they make merry dressed in their colorful fineries, swaying to the ethnic music. Such occasions call for the preparation of the most delicious dishes that the country is well-known for. A Croatia holiday is a rare treat and the availability of spacious villas, seaside villas, apartments, and luxurious hotels make it comfortable. The country has national airlines called Croatia Airlines, while most of the other major airlines ply between the land and almost every part of the globe. Although the country has 68 airports, its Dubrovnik Airport is the main international one and is also called Cilipi Airport. There are 5 international airports in Croatia. Well developed roads, railways, and water transportation make travelling easy within the country. The most important port is the Port of Rijeka. In short, a Croatia holiday has everything it takes to make a holiday there go down as a much cherished memory.

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