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Croatia Holidays- More Than Just Sailing Tours

By MedSailors Crew
on  December 06, 2012

It seems there is no end to Croatia’s popularity for holidays of every ilk and design, from sailing tours to music festival getaways. According to the Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ), there was a significant rise in tourists in Croatia during July 2012, whilst visitor figures to the national parks of Croatia is also on the rise. The HTZ and National Bureau of Statistics recorded a 5% increase in the number of visitors to all eight national parks.

It is clear to see how these figures have come about. Flights to and transport within Croatia continue to be less expensive than many of its neighbours offering similar destinations, while affordability in day to day spending for tourists is likely to be another big draw. You can still get a beer in Split for about £1.50!

Tourists Jump Into River On Croatia Holiday

Even if we excluded the Croatia yacht holidays that are so popular in the warm blue Mediterranean waters, Croatian tourism would still thrive. Electronic music festivals hosted in this country have gained commercial and critical recognition, not to mention the awesome natural beauty on offer once you travel inland to the national parks.

The most popular national park is Plitvice Lakes National Park with a staggering 1.1 million visitors in 2012, followed by Krka National Park . Other parks to include on your itinerary are Brijuni, Paklenica, Northern Velebit and Risnjak. These parks offer a variety of stone age karstic phenomena and massive caves; beautiful lakes and water systems; as well as countless unique flora and fauna. For more info visit http://www.find-croatia.com/national-parks-croatia.html.

Croatian Coastline On Display On Sailing Tour

Tourist boards along the famous coast of Croatia also reported increased visitors in 2012. The island of Hvar hosted nearly 30 000 tourists in July 2012, 9 per cent more than the same month in 2011 whilst Split recorded 7.2 per cent more tourists in July 2012 than the previous year. These towns are remarkable as they embrace such a diverse and ancient cultural history as well as outstanding and unique natural beauty.

For us at MedSailors it is no surprise that this amazing country is high on everyone’s travel list. And it is exactly for these reasons and this variety of attractions that we return to the sunny Croatian coasts for our famous yacht holidays.

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