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Croatia Sailing Holiday

By MedSailors Crew
on  February 08, 2012

Croatia sailing is what people of the country Croatia do if they live near the coast, and it is also something that attracts many tourists and visitors to the country. Croatia’s coast is off the Adriatic Sea neighboring the Mediterranean Sea, and it is one with the clearest blue waters in the Mediterranean. Croatia has many spots off its coast where people can enjoy the beautiful scenery, its historic sites, and its remote islands. The charters that take tourists out on tours can be guided either by a local who knows how to sail and where to take them, or tourists who are experienced themselves in sailing can rent a boat and go on their own tour.

The benefits of Croatia sailing:

As a tourist, who has no experience in sailing, it is beneficial that a guide takes the group out, because the guide knows the waters, the area, and the best tourist attractions. Many charter guides have grown up learning how to sail, and especially if they have lived on the coast their whole lives. For the guided tour, a person will feel safer, not only on the ocean but going to unknown islands. For tourists who have experience with sailing and want to rent a boat, they are in charge of their own adventure. Some guides will only bring tourists to the most popular attractions, so when tourists go on self-steered trips they are able to see the sights they want to.

What Croatia sailing contributes?

Croatia sailing contributes to the country itself and to those who visit Croatia, and like many countries that are off an ocean, sailing is a major part of life. Fishing is used in the tourism industry as well as in the money-making industry and is one of the biggest reasons people go sailing in the clear, blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. For tourism, people go fishing because of the fish native only to the Adriatic Sea, and some charters are just for fishing trips while others are for sightseeing. Sailing is also used for commercial fishing, and the fish that is caught is processed and put in stores and served in restaurants.

Croatia sailing: what to expect:

Croatia offers beautiful scenery and a great place to vacation, and part of the Croatia vacation should be spent on blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. The uncharted islands and beautiful scenery off the coast of Croatia attracts tourists from everywhere, and when sailing in Croatia one can expect to see one of most beautiful places in the Mediterranean. The sailing charters will do everything in their power to give tourists the best vacation of their lives, and the guides will make sure their customers are comfortable.

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