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Croatia sailing is a must-do … and that’s a fact

By MedSailors Crew
on  September 17, 2014

Get in the mood for a Croatia sailing trip by reading a few fun facts about the country. You can never know too much trivia and, who knows, these little snippets of information may come in useful one day. Get yourself a seat on a television quiz show and maybe you can win enough to pay for another Croatian sailing trip soon!

The tie was invented in Croatia
The word cravat comes from the word ‘Croat’ and the country’s soldiers were wearing ties in the 17th century.

The planet’s most stunning sunset
After visiting in 1964, legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock said the city of Zadar had the world’s best sunrise.

Setting for Game of Thrones
Dubrovnik was King’s Landing in the hit US television fantasy drama Game of Thrones, a place which dominated a large part of the second and third seasons of the show. There has also been filming in other cities in Croatia, including Split.

Record-breaking customs and traditions
Along with Spain, Croatia has Europe’s largest number of listings on UNESCO’s round-up of ‘Intangible Goods’. This is a list of traditions including such things as customs, cuisine, festivals, crafts and music. Croatia’s claims to fame include its singing traditions and festivals, wooden toy carving, lacemaking and gingerbread baking.

Home to the planet’s littlest town
This is the appropriately named Hum and has a population of between 17 and 23 people.

Spot the link
Yes, the popular breed of dog does get its name from Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. The English are often credited with breeding the dog but there are references and pictures of it existing in Croatia as far back as the 17th century.

The Kuna, Croatia’s currency, actually means marten – the little ferret-like creature famed for its fur. Each Kuna is made up of 100 lipa, which is Croatia’s word for a linden lime tree.

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