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Croatia Sailing: Tipples for All Tastes

By MedSailors Crew
on  September 26, 2015

Croatia has something of a growing global reputation as a top-quality wine supplier. But if wine is not your tipple of choice, what else is there for you to indulge in on a Croatia sailing trip?
Wine tasting - Drinks to enjoy while sailing Croatia
For those who enjoy spirits, the two top choices across Croatia are Pelinkovac and Rakija. The former is a somewhat bitter-tasting drink sometimes coupled with cream-based drinks to sweeten its taste, whilst the latter is a brandy-style spirit that is often used as an ice-breaker when welcoming guests and encouraging conversation.

Beer lovers will find they have plenty to choose from when holidaying in Croatia. A popular drink across the country, there is a range of beers – or ‘pivos’ – to satisfy all tastes. Tinged with gold and highly refreshing, Karlovacko is perhaps the best known of the beers on offer, whilst sentimental types will want to try Osjecko – one of Croatia’s most popular drinks and, having been first brewed hundreds of years ago, one of its oldest too.

For many, cocktails are synonymous with holidays, and in addition to those seen on menus across the world, Croatian bars offer something quite special. Developed to truly reflect the flavours and traditions of the country, the cleverly named Crocktail uses ingredients from all over the area. Built around a strong cherry flavour, the drink is now considered Croatia’s official cocktail, and as such, it cannot be missed.

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