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Croatia Sailing Tour

By MedSailors Crew
on  February 08, 2012

Have you been or thought of Croatia Sailing? Tour the coastal country and look at the fine blend of modern civilization, human development, economic dynamism and old remnants of Palaeolithic era. The little country lying on the eastern edge of the Adriatic Sea existing only as a fascist puppet state till World War II dramatically changed to one of the leaders with high income economy. Croatia Sailing has much to offer to its visitors within its folds. Industrial sector and agro-tourism are second only to the service sector in the country. Amongst the service sector falls the thriving industry of tourism. Many ancillary industries have sprung up in Croatia Sailing. Tour of the country with prominent artistic, sporting, cultural, scientific contributions to the world and witness its very high income market economy. The Croats are a hard working lot. This is one of the countries that provide free education at the primary and secondary levels.

Tourists flock in very large numbers and Croatians have the infrastructure to cater to all their needs. The bulk of this industry is centered along the Adriatic coast. The 18th position among the most popular tourist destinations in the world has been grabbed by the emerging country of Croatia. Tour of the country will reveal the fine holiday resorts sprinkled all over the land, being concentrated near the points offering agro-tourism, cultural tourism, mountain resorts, medieval cities, and the spas. The shore has extremely well developed water associated tourism industry, the main reason being the numerous islands, bays, indented coastline, clear, unpolluted water and some of the best beaches. Tourists will face no problem as far as accommodation, eateries, transportation and availability of well organized, guided tours are concerned. The pride of the nation is the delicious cuisines of Croatia. Tour the entire length and breadth of the beautiful country and enjoy the hospitality of the Croatians.

The awe-inspiring landscape, the traditional cities, panoramic views, old fortresses, and much more are magnificent; their sight, leaving you breathless but hungering for more. Renting a car poses no problem in Croatia Sailing. Tour can be arranged on chartered buses, yachts, and cable cars all round the clock, seven days a week! The fine network of the roads and railways are a tremendous help while sight-seeing. The many airports are well connected, with five of them being of International status. At the crossroads of western and eastern influence, Croatia’s wineries, caves, karst topography, lakes and waterfalls are worth at least a visit.

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