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Culinary Delights to Discover While Sailing Croatia

By MedSailors Crew
on  May 21, 2013

Cuisine On Offer At Croatia Sailing
Croatian cuisine may not be the most famous in Europe but its fresh ingredients and fantastic diversity of flavours makes it one of the most tastebud-tickling in Europe.

Croatia’s coastline and islands are famous for their variety of fresh seafood taken straight from the Adriatic’s crystal clear waters. Often complemented by nothing more than a dash of olive oil, the flavours of the fish speak for themselves. In particular, visitors to the region should try zubatec, brancin (sea bass) or tuna, which is so tasty that it is even exported to Japan.

Also worth a try is the traditional three fish stew, Brodet or you could try buzara – seafood poached in a rich tomato sauce, or even octopus salad. Another Croatian seafood speciality is crni rizot, a fantastic squid ink risotto just brimming with flavours of the sea. On Hvar, you should try gregada, a fish and white wine stew, while the island of Vis is famous for its unique pogaca pie.

Fish may take the star role in Croatian coastal cuisine, but there is much more to be discovered on a culinary journey into the region. Both lamb and pork are favourites across the country and features on any menu. For many people, little can equal the delicate flavour of whole spit-roasted lamb, or the slow baked ‘peka’ dish, while the simple meat stuffed cabbage leaves, arambase and ‘sporki makaruni’ (meaty goulash and pasta) reflect the best of traditional dishes to be discovered while sailing Croatia.

Of course, no cuisine is complete without a selection of sweets and Croatia does not disappoint here. Try the regional gingerbread, paprenjaci, or Dubrovnik’s syrup-topped custard dish, rozata. Korcula is a dream for those with a sweet tooth and krostule (fried pastries) and cukarine (orange and lemon flavoured pastry crescents) are perfect sugary nibbles.

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