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Cultural Advice for Sailing in Greece

By MedSailors Crew
on  November 21, 2014

Sailing in Greece is one of the most wonderful, enjoyable and rewarding holiday experiences you are ever likely to encounter. However, when visiting another country there will always be cultural fine points that are worth being aware of. Appreciating a few basic things you are likely to encounter in Greece will help your holiday to go smoothly.

On the beach, Greece is incredibly casual. There are a fair number of nudist beaches, although on popular public beaches, topless sunbathing is not accepted as in some countries. Away from the beach, things are slightly more formal, and you may be considered lazy if you don’t dress nicely for going out in the evening. If visiting a religious site, expect a conservative dress code to be required. A simple rule to follow in this case is not to show too much skin.

Hand Gestures
It is best to avoid too many hand gestures while communicating with Greeks, as there are a few offensive gestures in Greek culture which foreigners often imitate by accident. Specifically, never hold your hand upwards with your palm facing another person, and never make your thumb and index finger into a circle.

Tipping is not expected in restaurants and other such places as it is in some cultures. However, it is appreciated and you should bear in mind that the staff members in these places are often quite poorly paid and rely on tips to supplement their income. One occasion where tipping is often expected rather than just appreciated, however, is when taking a taxi.

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