Discovering Karacaoren Bay on a Sailing Turkey Adventure

The bay of Karacaoren is a wonderful place to make the most of your time when sailing Turkey’s seas. Although the island is small, it is packed with character, and there is plenty to keep even the most discerning traveller occupied.

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Karacaoren Bay itself is secluded and sheltered, making it perfect for mooring boats. Not only that, conditions here are simply ideal for indulging in some water sports that make the most of the wonderfully clear blue seas which line the coast. Snorkelling and scuba diving are popular activities, and this is the best way to explore the fascinating and varied life living under the sea here. And if you fancy keeping your head above water, paddle boarding is a wonderful way to take in the glorious surroundings of Karacaoren.

When all that exertion is over, you will find it hard to resist the enticing menu at the local restaurant. Making the most of traditional Turkish cooking and all the wonderful seafood that the coast provides, here you can spend an unforgettable evening sampling the best of local cuisine whilst taking in the stunning sunset – the perfect end to a perfect day in Karacaoeren Bay.

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