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Eating and Drinking the Traditional Way on a Croatia Sailing Break

By MedSailors Crew
on  August 29, 2016

Getting involved in the cultural traditions of your chosen holiday destination is one of the most exciting things about visiting new places. And at the heart of Croatian living are without doubt the konobas that populate this wonderful country and its many islands. But what is a konoba?

See Croatia in a new light - Local dishes and restaurants to visit

In the past, the term konoba was used to describe the room in domestic abodes where traditional dishes were both prepared and looked after. The konoba was usually to be found at the bottom of the house, and it is from this cultural practice that the term has taken on a new lease of life – indeed, a konoba is now an all-encompassing term for the welcoming restaurants which offer visitors a true taste of the Dalmatian coast.

As such, konobas are a must visit on any Croatia sailing break. It is here that you will be able to enjoy the very best of the local food and traditional delicacies that this area is famed for. From the vast array of food to the wide choice of drink, each and every plate and glass on offer will tell you something unique about this most impressive holiday destination – an opportunity that cannot be missed.

Sailing in Croatia - Wining and dining with friends

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