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Eating and Sailing in Greece

By MedSailors Crew
on  March 13, 2016

One of the real pleasures when sailing in Greece is having the opportunity to try some traditional Greek delicacies in traditional Greek tavernas.

Sailing Greece - Eating and drinking local delights

Small dishes such as olives and taramasalata are a great place to start, followed by dolmades. Although stuffed vine leaves are well known, traditional Greek dolmades are something else. With a variety of ingredients, from mincemeat and rice to herbs and pine nuts, these much-loved finger foods are wonderful.


Another dish that has made its way from the Mediterranean to further afield is moussaka. But again, moussaka cooked with traditional ingredients in a traditional way is something quite different. Perfectly cooked aubergine, tender mincemeat, smooth tomato puree and a well-balanced mix of herbs and spices make this a truly iconic dish.


Of course, no sailing holiday would be complete without sampling freshly caught fish, and Greece is one of the best places to indulge in seafood. Simply cooked calamari and octopus are just two of the delicacies that should not be missed.


Lastly, those with a sweet tooth are advised to make the most of the desserts on the menu across the Greek islands. Chief amongst these is baklava – a combination of honey, flaky filo pastry and ground nuts that will taste even better when taking in the sights of the beautiful Greek sea.

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