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Encounter a world of culinary delights when you go sailing Croatia

By MedSailors Crew
on  August 08, 2014

Kleftico in Greece, roast beef in Britain, frogs legs in France… there are certain foods we just associate with certain countries (whether rightly or wrongly!) But when you journey into Croatia you will probably be surprised and delighted at the range of delicious local foods on offer to you.


Anyone who has done it will tell you that the best way to see more of the country is to go sailing Croatia, travelling around its iconic Dalmatian coastline. And as you stop along the way, you will be giving your tastebuds a treat as you take in some of the local delicacies.


Seafood is one of the country’s specialities and what could be better than freshly caught fish, grilled just hours after it leaves the sea? Or delicious fried squid and seafood stew, straight from the sea you have been sailing on? You can also sample the local Dalmatian dish of paeticada, tender slabs of beef slowly stewed in juicy prunes. And frogs legs aren’t just for the French – you will find them as you travel a little further inland – the Croatians like them grilled with garlic or fried in breadcrumbs.

Your journey into temptation starts right here…

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