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Enjoy Croatia sailing to the Brijuni Islands

By MedSailors Crew
on  April 09, 2014

When holidaying to Croatia sailing around its beautiful coastline there are so many stunning places to visit it can be hard to know just where to begin. The Brijuni Islands, situated fairly close to the mainland, make a good place to start. Comprising 14 islands in all, the whole region is designated as one of Croatia’s eight national parks.

Once used as the private residence of Yugoslavian President Tito, the islands feature some rather unusual and fascinating sights. The largest of the islands, Veliki Brijun, has a safari park which is home to llamas, zebras and an elephant, all presented as gifts to the former president. You can get around this island on a little motorised train. You’ll also discover the remains of a Roman villa dating back to around one century BC.

There are plenty of restaurants dotted around, so if you fancy staying in the area for a few days then you’ll have lots of choice food and drink nearby. Veliki Brijun is the only island you’re likely to be able to walk around and visit, but you can sail around the other islands and enjoy the spectacular sights and views they have to offer.

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