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Enjoying Korcula’s Dive Spots while on a Croatia Sailing Holiday

By MedSailors Crew
on  December 23, 2013

For anyone on a Croatia sailing break, the crystal clear waters surrounding its picturesque isles provide an almost irresistible lure and there is no better way to explore the sea than by pulling on your diving gear and jumping straight in.

croatia-holiday-beautiful-scenery-med-sailors  Of all the dive spots in Croatia, one of the best known and most popular is Korcula. The island, which is one of the biggest of Dalmatia, offers divers beauty and a variety of underwater scenery that far outshines any neighbouring spots.sail-croatia-scuba-diving-med-sailors

The natural landscapes alone are enough to impress; the island’s waters are characterised by unique rock formations decorated with sponges and colours in every colour of the rainbow. Beyond this, human error has bestowed Korcula with a number of impressive wreck sites which make an interesting, if eerie, addition to any sea dive.


Vela Luka in particular offers visitors on a Croatia sailing holiday an idyllic diving setting. The small town is found on the western coast of Korcula, built around a wide bay that boasts a number of small coves that are well worth exploring. The spot is especially famed for its ‘Blue Hole’, a natural sinkhole that falls away for metres from the surface and which glows blue in the filtered light from above. Such is its beauty that even experienced divers can’t help but be wowed!

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