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Enjoying the Nightlife on a Greece Sailing Trip

By MedSailors Crew
on  September 03, 2016

Destinations across the Mediterranean will lay claim to being the top choice when it comes to enjoying a good night out, but Greece’s long-standing tradition of warm welcomes and bustling hotspots means that it quite rightly has a place among the best of the best.

Greek sailing tours - Nightlife experiences

When deciding where to start your nightlife odyssey, you can’t do much better than Athens. As Greece’s capital city, this area has much to offer tourists of all backgrounds and interests, but it truly comes to life at night. It is a big city, meaning there is plenty of choice when it comes to enjoying the perfect night out.

It might be a quiet drink looking out on to one of the city’s many amazing views; perhaps you would prefer to experience some of the best live music the country has to offer; or maybe you want a party that lasts all night and into the morning. Athens has it all! And on the Greek islands, the fun continues.

Take Spetses, for example – famed for a nightlife that often continues as the next day dawns, this island has a wide choice of bars and clubs that will suit anyone who wants to make the most of a Greece sailing break. With stunning beaches, a fascinating culture and such a varied nightlife, Greece really shouldn’t be missed. Views of Greece - Seeing the sumptuous sights

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