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Essential Snaps While Sailing in Greece

By MedSailors Crew
on  December 29, 2014

With its huge number of historic buildings, fantastic scenery, and wonderful beaches Greece is full of beautiful and impressive sights. While sailing around some of the country’s finest coastal destinations, it is important to have your camera to hand to capture some of the best pictures. Some essential snapshots to take while sailing in Greece  include:

The Acropolis
Of all Greece’s ancient sites, the Acropolis of Athens is one of the best. Within this ancient citadel lie many wonders, including the world-famous Parthenon – a spectacular temple. If you forget your camera or let your smartphone run out of battery at any point over the course of your holiday, make sure it isn’t the day you visit the Acropolis. You will undoubtedly want to snap plenty of pictures before you leave.

Hydra is one of the most scenic spots in Greece. It has beautiful scenery, a sparkling sapphire section of the Aegean sea, and charming cobbled lanes. It also has a unique cultural charm stemming from its ban on wheeled transport. The most common vehicle in Hydra is the donkey. With such charming “traffic”, you will undoubtedly get some beautiful snaps.

Poros is one of the smaller islands of Greece, but it is still a spectacular photo spot. You will have the chance to capture images of lush clusters of wild lemon trees, the weathered ruins of Poseidon’s Temple, and the exciting watersports that take place off the beach. Just don’t forget to put down your camera and take part in some watersports yourself.

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