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European Sailing Vacations

By MedSailors Crew
on  February 08, 2012

sailing vacation is when someone takes a vacation that is spent on a ship of some kind, and they can spend a week or so sailing to places that one can only get to by boat. There are charters, in all coastal countries, that will take the tourists to different locations for the weeks they signed up, and these charters can be considered mini-cruises. Sailing vacations are only different from normal vacations because they take place on the water, and the most common ocean people go sailing on is the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean Sea hosts a handful of countries that people around the world wish to go to at least once in their lives. Some of these countries are Italy, Greece, Croatia, and Montenegro.

The benefits:

When a person goes on a sailing vacation they must be prepared for it, and they need to be sure they are enjoying being on the water. But a sailing trip is different from a trip taken on land, and the benefits are different. A similar benefit is being able to visit places one has never been to, and when going sailing people are able to visit sites that can only be seen by boat. A sailing charter will provide everything for their guests that they would need while out in the Mediterranean Sea, consisting of meals and snorkeling gear.


Countries around the world are able to help their economy by providing tourists a chance to go on a sailing vacation. Many countries that have any sort of tourist attraction know that their economy thrives off the income they gain during the tourist season. A sailing vacation is one of the ways tourists can spend days visiting the country of their dreams. This type of vacation requires a lot more services and so can cost more than some of the land vacations.

What to expect from a sailing vacation:

When a person usually thinks about taking a Mediterranean sailing vacation they picture beautiful scenery, clear waters, and a fun-time filled with activities. The scenic locations of countries like Italy, Croatia, and Greece are breathtakingly beautiful. They look as gorgeous as the pictures portraying them. Also, the waters of the Mediterranean are the clearest blue of all oceans and setting sail on them feels like a dream. Lastly, the numbers of activities one can carry out on the ship and on the islands are endless, so one day is never the same as another.

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