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Experience unspoilt natural beauty during a Turkey sailing trip

By MedSailors Crew
on  August 27, 2014

The Times online named Patara Beach as one of the best beaches in the world and if you visit as part of your Turkey sailing holiday you will soon understand why.

Its appeal stretches much further than its truly spectacular landscape within a national park. It is an important area for biodiversity and is home to a host of birds and perhaps, most importantly, it is a breeding ground for the caretta caretta, better known as the logger head turtle.


The fact that these little lads and lasses are endangered isn’t good for the species but it has protected Patara Beach from the development that spoils so many areas in the modern world. The turtles are close to extinction and so the beach closes at sunset between May and October to allow them the peace to lay their eggs. Patara is Turkey’s second most important nesting beach and is seen as key to the survival of these characterful little creatures.

The 12-kilometre sand strip that is Patara Beach is surrounded by dunes backed by mountains and is next to the site of the former Patara harbour. It is known as the Mediterranean’s widest beach and with these sorts of attractions on offer you would expect it to be packed as soon as the sun makes an appearance – which it does frequently in these parts. Yet, even in the midst of summer, Patara is never crowded. This is probably due to the lack of water sports and development but, whatever the reason, there is no doubt that this makes it all the better for the people who do visit.

It also makes it all the more special for the people who choose to explore off the shore as well as on it. Sailing Turkey is always full of memorable experiences and swimming in the azure waters off Patara will be right up there amongst the best. This is an area where nature remains in control – something that can be said about far too few places in the world today.


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