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Explore the Ionian Islands as you go sailing in Greece

By MedSailors Crew
on  September 15, 2014

Sitting at work watching the rain pour down? Thinking with a sigh about all the jobs you need to do when you get home? Why not cheer up your day by planning a holiday? You need time to unwind and relax. You need Greece.


More and more holidaymakers are discovering the secret to seeing more of what this diverse and beautiful country has to offer. Go sailing in Greece and you can island hop to your heart’s content, spending a day here or an evening there, depending on what you feel like doing. The Ionian Islands have lots to offer visitors searching for a holiday with a difference. Lefkada is famous for its stunning beaches, so you can dock your boat and soak up the sun before taking a dip in the clear blue sea. Antipaxos also offers some breathtaking beaches to its visitors – so it’s well worth making the trip there.


Corfu is one of the better known islands, with its beautiful old town and huge range of place to eat and drink, taking in some traditional Greek food and local wines. Zakynthos also boasts plenty of great tavernas and bars, with a thriving nightlife, but also offers tucked away coves and wonderful views if you head away from the beaten path. Ithaka is often associated with Homer’s Odyssey, and has some fantastic paths and trails for hiking. And finally, Kefalonia is a small island known for its fishing, and now associated with the book and film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. There’s so much to see and do, so you’ll have a great break and will soon be planning your next voyage!

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