Explore the Turquoise coast when you go sailing Turkey
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Explore the Turquoise coast when you go sailing Turkey

MedSailors Crew
By MedSailors Crew
on  July 07, 2014

Think Turkey and it can be easy to fall into the cliched holidaymaker approach of lots of belly dancing, Turkish Delight and crowded beaches. But this beautiful country has such a lot to offer that it would be a shame to miss it because of a misguided notion. The trick to seeing the best of what Turkey has to offer is to enjoy a sailing Turkey holiday.


This can take you along the beautiful Turquoise coast, so named for its beautiful waters. Explore the stunning beaches and get away from the crowds in the mainstream areas. But it?s not all about relaxation. A sailing holiday gives you lots of opportunities for adventure and watersports, such as water polo and scuba diving. You can also enjoy snorkelling, which gives you the chance to see all the marine life living in the clear blue seas.

And for those who are looking for some nightlife, Turkey offers all you could want in the way of restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and nightclubs. This means you can enjoy some sightseeing by day and let your hair down in the evening. And one of the great things about a sailing holiday is that you can enjoy somewhere different every day… and every night.

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