Exploring Coldwater Bay on a Sailing Turkey Break
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Exploring Coldwater Bay on a Sailing Turkey Break

MedSailors Crew
By MedSailors Crew
on  September 06, 2016

Turkey has many exciting places to discover, and one of the most interesting and memorable is the aptly named Coldwater Bay. Here springs stemming from the Taurus Mountains, which surround the bay, mean that the water is always cool – no matter the time of year or the temperature on land.

Turkey sailing delights - Taking the plunge

It isn’t hard to see why so many visitors are attracted to the area, and once you have taken an invigorating dip into the cold waters you will understand why the bay is so popular. And the beauty of a sailing Turkey holiday is that you can jump into the water straight from your own boat. It might be a short dip followed by a drink back on board or a longer exploration of these most welcoming waters – the choice is yours.

You may also want to take the opportunity to explore the action on the shore too. Cafes and restaurants in the area offer amazing views of both the bay itself and the tourist hotspot of the ‘ghost-town’ Kayakoy beyond, whilst providing a warm welcome and the best in Turkish cuisine.

And another thing that makes Coldwater Bay so special? It is only accessible by boat, meaning that a visit here really is something extra-special that only a sailing break can provide.

Visiting Turkey - Things to do on your sailing holiday

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