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Exploring the Temple of Poseidon while sailing in Greece

By MedSailors Crew
on  July 03, 2013


Sailing Greece And Temple Of Poseidon

The popular sailing spot of Poros, spanning two islands and the dazzling strait of water in between, is perhaps one of the most unique and beautiful towns to be found when sailing in Greece. Rich vegetation, traditional houses and a lively nightlife combined with some of the best views around make the hillside settlement an attractive place to visit. In addition to this, Poros has a number of landmarks that set it apart from the crowd. One of its most renowned is the ancient site of the Temple, or Sanctuary, of Poseidon.


Thought to date back to 529 BC, the Temple exists as extensive ruins, where visitors can wander and explore the historic monuments that remain. With a role that dates back to the myth and legends of Ancient Greece, it is said to be the Temple offered to the god Poseidon in exchange for another in Delphi. The archaeological site retains a sense of mysticism and magic that holds wide ranging appeal. It is also famous as the suicide spot of the famous orator Demosthenes, who poisoned himself with hemlock in 322 BC.


Found in the northern part of the Kalavria side of Poros, the Temple of Poseidon is close to the bustling harbour and promenade and is easily reached on foot. As such, a tour of the Temple makes a great pastime for daylight hours on the island and is a fantastic way to burn off some energy before heading back to port for your evening meal or a cocktail or two!

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