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Fitting in on a Turkey Sailing Trip

By MedSailors Crew
on  October 23, 2015

When travelling abroad, tourists can often worry about standing out or ‘getting things wrong’. This is particularly the case when visiting a country with a culture that is different and unfamiliar, as the fear of offending the locals can really increase. However, staying relaxed and being well prepared will be more than enough for whatever your Turkey sailing holiday brings.
Sailing in Turkey - Fitting in with the locals
Turkey is unique in a number of ways, but one of its most remarkable features is its blend of traditional and Western cultures. Much of the country’s population is Muslim, but all religions and backgrounds are welcome. Considering this, though, tourists are advised to keep modesty in mind when on shore. Of course, beach wear is appropriate when soaking up the sun on the beach, but when shopping or eating, shorts, T-shirts and dresses will show respect for Turkish locals.

Speaking of eating out, restaurants tend to expect a tip from customers, so be prepared to top up your bill by around 10%. Although taxi drivers do not demand a tip, it is considered polite to round fares up to the nearest Turkish lira in order to fit in.

As with any holiday abroad, being polite and being prepared will be more than enough to ensure your Turkish break is smooth sailing.

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