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Getting around after your Greek sailing tour

By MedSailors Crew
on  November 13, 2012

You might wish to explore Greece more before or after sailing Greece, but how do you get around from Athens? MedSailors is only too happy to point you in the right direction…

Athens: All our Greek sailing tours depart from and arrive back into the Athens marina, so you really don’t have to worry about transport from the airport. You can get there using the inexpensive local buses (takes about 45min) or you can get a taxi, which is slightly more expensive (about £24). Easy peasy!

Santorini: Best is to check now for cheap flights from Aegean or Olympic Air. Flights should be around £55-£70, but fear not, we’ll keep you updated if we see any deals! Alternatively hop on the ferry from Rafina or Pireaus port. This comes in two speeds: slow at  about £20 for a 7-10hour journey, or fast at £32 for a 5 hour journey.

Mykonos: From Rafina port in Athens you can make your way via ferry to the party island of Mykonos! It costs around £40 for a 5 hour journey. Flying into Mykonos is quite easy, but as it is such a popular destination, flights do get expensive in peak season, so book early or be prepared to fork out £160 one way! Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines fly into Mykonos.

Ios: Ferries from Athens take between 3 or 8 hours from Pireaus port in Athens, depending if you book the fast or slow option as with Santorini above. Pursuantly, tickets will vary between £23 and £50. As it is quite a schlep to get out there, some travelers prefer to fly to Santorini and take the ferry to Ios, only takes about half an hour.

Ferry to Turkey: If you want to travel further afield, hop on a ferry to Turkey! Though you cannot travel directly, it is still quite easy to get there. Simply hop on one of the numerous overnight ferries from Athens to a Greek Island such as Kos or Lesbos, and then head on to Bodrum or Kusadasi.

Please note that all Greek ferry timetables will not be published until a couple of months before the summer season starts. There are so many options of destinations to go before or after your Greek islands holiday, so if you get stuck drop us a line and we will let you know which routes are best to travel via! Remember to check our Twitter (@medsailors) and Facebook for lots of info on travel deals!

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